Introducing New Care Groups


During our service on 13 November 2022, we were introduced to three new care groups (CGs) by Cory Zimmerman, Ryan Tan and Hewlett Chew. They introduced themselves and shared about their groups, including when and where they met.

  • Hewlett's group: In the west on the first and third Saturday afternoons of the month 
  • Ryan's group: Around Lower Pierce on the second and third Friday nights of the month
  • Cory's group: Around Lorong Chuan on alternate Friday nights 

We praise God for these men who have stepped forward to lead CGs at GBC. Elder Caleb briefly interviewed the three leaders in our worship service:


Interviewees (from left to right): Hewlett, Ryan and Cory

First, what is a CG? 

Hewlett shared that at GBC, members gather in CGs to study the Word and work out life application in order to care for one another. It is a way we can be a part of the church and practise the "one another" commands of Jesus in order to care for and love one another, and work as a CG to love the church. 

Second, why should everyone be in a CG?

Cory shared that while these groups are not a replacement for the corporate gathering of the church on Sundays, it helps us to live out elements of our Members' Covenant such as bearing one another's burdens, rejoicing with those who rejoice, weeping with those who weep etc. A CG allows us to get to know a smaller group of people in a more intimate setting and build deeper relationships with one another in a big church. 

Third, how can we pray for CG leaders who serve every week?

Ryan requested prayer for time management as leaders lead a CG amidst other commitments and are often busy with family, work and other duties. Pray that they will not treat leading their CG members as another duty but to do so with sincerity and care for their members. Pray for them as they depend on God's Spirit to teach their members and grow in God’s Word ourselves.

Let’s continue to pray for our leaders to have humble and teachable hearts, that God’s Word can also do its work in them.

CGs at GBC

Our CGs typically study the Bible tracking along with the pulpit ministry, meeting fortnightly so members can dive deeper into what they’ve heard and read in Scripture. More time is spent in the gatherings talking about Biblical application as God’s Spirit presses repentance, faith and obedience into our lives as we also grow in loving relationships together. In this way CGs are more than Bible studies which spend most of their time trying to understand or interpret the text. As many of our groups are also intergenerational, we get the opportunity to see the Christian life across a range of practical life needs, and grow in love and care for one another as we meet those needs. But above all, the greatest care we show one another is by paying attention to spiritual needs and devoting ourselves to knowing and living out God’s Word in fruitful obedience.

You can find out more about the CG ministry at GBC on our website. If you'd like to join these groups or find a suitable group, feel free to write to the CG ministry at