Introducing 2 New Care Groups

New CGs may 2023 header

Every few months, we introduce new Care Groups (CG) that get started up at Grace. On 14 May 2023, we had the joy of introducing new Care Group leaders in the Bishan and MacPherson area. Caleb Yap, our elder in charge of CGs introduced Tony Chan and Daniel Chen, the leaders of the two new groups.

New CGs 1In the days to come, we hope to be able to introduce more new CGs and their leaders to the body at GBC.

Tony Chan and his wife, Yoke Meng are long-time members of Grace. More recently as they saw more newer members to the church, especially young millennials, they have been actively living out hospitality by reaching out and hosting lunches for these newcomers. God also put it in their heart to restart an old CG to extend fellowship to members who may be older and wish to meet regularly with other seniors.

While we celebrate our intergenerational ministry at Grace, we do want to have a range of options to cater to members’ needs. Tony reminded us that CGs have been around at Grace since the 70s and that GBC was one of the first Baptist churches who introduced the idea of small groups of members meeting in homes to care for one another and read the Scripture together.

This group meets on the second and fourth Friday of the month around the Bishan area. Let us pray for the Chans and their CG members as they reach out and encourage others who used to attend CGs to come together to grow in God’s Word. 

Daniel Chen and his wife, Shiyun, have been attending GBC for the past 2-3 years and started a CG that meets around MacPherson. Daniel and Shiyun started their group as they saw the increasing need for more groups as more have joined the church. 

While they themselves are relatively new to GBC, they wanted to host a safe space for people to come, read the Word together and point one another back to Christ. They formed their group by reaching out to people they knew who were not in groups or those who found it challenging to join other groups previously.

Though their CG is very diverse in age and life situation, they have been encouraged by how God has brought different people together and as a microcosm of the church, they have been getting to know each other. Daniel sought prayers that as a CG they would grow in Christlike love for one another. This group meets every Friday (except the first week of the month) around the MacPherson area. 

Are you a part of a care group? We encourage all to be a part of one. You can find more information about the various groups on our website ( or write to us at