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Interview with Yap Kim Meng about Pray for 100 for Christmas


 Kim Meng & Beow Kheng

Yap Kim Meng (left) is a long-time member of the church, a former elder, and presently supported full-time Christian worker with the Navigators, Singapore. He shares with us the direction behind the Christmas evangelistic effort behind 100 for Christmas in December 2013.

1. What is Pray for 100 for Christmas? How is this year's Christmas going to be different from normal?

Rev (Dr) Rick Griffith will be preaching an evangelistic message and the theme for the service will be 'Light of the World'. The biggest difference is that this year's service will not just be a celebration for ourselves but for sharing the joy of knowing the Savior with loved ones and friends. The target of 100 visitors is just a simple exercise of faith as we trust God for this. It will be different as we see God honoring our faith in praying for people. As the disciples cry out in Lk 17:5, we want to pray, "Lord, increase our faith!"

2. Why is evangelism a priority in the local church?

We have been called to live among the lost and not huddled together among ourselves - we ought to be thinking about how we can be salt and light to the world! Lk 19:10 reminds us that the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.

3. What led you, as a regular church member, to take on this year's evangelism effort and do it differently?

All it takes is the Lord to work in one's heart and we should just respond to that. This was something the Lord put on my heart to do.

4. How should we pray for our non-Christian friends evangelistically?

Here are some simple suggestions: pray that God will prepare the hearts of non-Christian visitors to be ready to receive the seed of the gospel when it is sown. Pray that God will open their eyes to see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ (2 Cor 4:4).

5. What can church members do to participate in this Pray for 100 for Christmas effort?

We can let this be an exercise in faith as we are led to trust God to answer prayers. Already, there are plenty of names written on the board outside the Annex - add the names of more people up there and pray for them. We are also praying for them. As our faith is stretched, we should pray specifically for even more names. We should pray this way regularly. Also, we can make time to be with our non-Christian friends and build inroads and credibility for the faith. How are we living our lives in front of them? Are we modelling what the Christian life looks like and making it understandable to them?