Interview with Yanadi Sutan


During last week's worship services, we interviewed Yanadi Sutan who has just joined GBC as a Ministry Support Worker for Christian Education on what the role entails and how we can pray for him and his family.

We are excited to welcome Yanadi as our ministry staff for Christian Education. Yanadi is no stranger to GBC, as he has once served as our church intern from January to May in 2019. Yanadi and his wife Fellisia attend GBC with their son, Lazarus. 


Many of us might be curious about what this role entails. Yanadi shared that his focus is to find ways to better equip the church for ministry, with the goal of helping GBC members grow and to help each other to do so. 

This will not only be in the form of gathering the relevant resources such as books, but also includes a series of programmes that we hope to start soon in GBC. One of these will be the first EQUIP series for 2021 taking place from February to March, which will focus on the issue of work. Another new endeavour is the starting up of a preaching lab, where a group of men will gather to learn and help each other to preach God’s Word faithfully. 

When asked about why he has committed to serving GBC in this role, Yanadi shared that this is a chance to love a church that has helped him greatly. The church has supported him as a seminary student and through his internship, he has also learned that the work of ministry is not just done by the pastors. The members are also very much involved in ministry! With this conviction, and also seeing the needs of the church, he desires to serve and build up the church in this way.

Yanadi sharing his desire to serve and build up the church during last Sunday's service.

As he steps into this role, how can we be praying for Yanadi, Fellisia and Lazarus? He shared three prayer requests:

  • Pray that he will continue to be obedient to the Lord and His Word. Pray that he will continue to be faithful in serving in ministry.
  • Pray for their family during this period as they adjust to the demands of full-time ministry. For example, Yanadi and Fellisia have different schedules and off-days, thus this takes some adjustment.
  • Pray for Yanadi and Fellisia as they trust God in their parenting of their son Lazarus.

We are thankful to God for answering our prayers and meeting our needs by providing a ministry staff. We will continue to pray for, and encourage Yanadi and his family as he steps into this role.

Praying for Yanadi, Fellisia and Lazarus during our first Saturday 5pm service!


You can watch the full interview here: