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Interview with Samuel and Jessica

Pastor Ian wrote about Samuel Beh joining us as a new ministry support staff from 14 August onwards. This week, we interviewed Samuel and his wife Jessica (affectionately known to some as "Sam and Jess") to find out more about them and how we can support and encourage them as a community!

1. Hi Sam and Jess! Could you tell us more about yourself and your family? 

We met in secondary school, started dating a few years after, and have been married for 4 years. We're parents of one boy, with one more due in September!

2. You'll join GBC as a full-time ministry support staff for at least a year. What led you both to this decision?

Full time is something we'd been thinking about for a while, but we did not take the step previously as we did not think we were ready, and so decided to continue serving in our capacity as laymen. Looking back now, we're glad we took this time to wait and earnestly wrestle with the decision as God was using our time in the secular world and involvement in church ministry as laymen to prepare our hearts for the time ahead.

The decision to go into full time was based on three things: Desire, Affirmation, and Opportunity.

  • Desire – Matthew 9:35 - 38 and Philippians 3:7 - 11 have been instrumental verses in shaping our thoughts on this, in teaching us that there is lots of work that needs to be done in building God's kingdom, and in reminding us that our lives need to be focused entirely on living out the Gospel and all it's glorious implications. However our response to His call comes from a place of knowing (probably not in full) how inadequate we are, and that we are fully dependent on Him to refine our family as we pursue His will for our lives in His kingdom.
  • Affirmation – We're very grateful for the support and guidance we received from many close mentors and friends, who helped us discern God's call for us into full-time ministry. We would not have made the decision if we did not have the unanimous affirmation of God's call for us from all of them.
  • Opportunity – In addition to the fact that GBC is (still) really short-staffed and is actively recruiting pastors, the pastoral staff have also been very clear in their vision to use the Pastor Development Initiative to help identify and grow new pastors at GBC.

Feel free to approach us for the unabridged version of this journey too! 

3. That sounds exciting! What are some things that you are excited about? What are you worried about?

We're really excited about having the opportunity to have more time to serve together with GBC in order to build up the body. We're also looking forward to the chance to get to know other members in this body better.

The main concerns for us now are to do with uncertainty and coping with the multiple transitions our family will be experiencing simultaneously. Not only will we have to transition into this new role as church ministry staff, we're also welcoming an addition to our family soon! 

4. How can the church keep you in prayer? Are there ways we can help practically too?

Our three main requests are that: 

  1. we would continue to see our family as our primary ministry, and that our family's spiritual life will flourish in love for Christ and a passion for His word.
  2. God's wisdom and energy as we negotiate a series of changes this year (expecting our second baby soon, moving house, this new job).
  3. we would continue to be able to build relationships and integrate ourselves into the family of GBC.

As to how to help us in practical ways, we would really appreciate grace and patience as we learn and adjust to our new roles, especially as we learn to juggle handling the boys during service!