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Interview with Pastor Arnold about new website


Pastor Arnold speaking










1. What excites you about the new website?
Everything. The new website gives us a fresh and renewed way to communicate with people broadly and deeply, depending on the need of people and the church at the same time.

2. How will the new website support our church's new vision?
Making disciples is both labor intensive and time sensitive. People who are busy are used to getting help in the time it takes to click the mouse on a computer! The website will give people access to a steady stream of current information and resources to help people grow in their faith.


3. Is there anything that makes you nervous or uncomfortable about new technology and the internet?
We have to stay alert and vigilant about everything we post on the website. Just like everything we say as ambassadors for Christ, it has to be charitable, respectful, clear and accurate.


4. How do you think the website, especially the new blog, will build up the church in discipleship?
In today’s fast-changing world, a robust digital presence is a must for keeping people connected to the ministries of the church and to the outside world. as well. As the website matures, it will become more than just a fountain of information but a source of inspiration as well. The idea of a church blog may be new to some, but as a one stop channel for information and encouragement, people’s lives can be impacted as they read testimonies of like-minded and like-hearted individuals in the faith. or obtain other useful information.


5. How do you think church members can use the new website for their own growth?
This will take some time and oversight, but as people grow more comfortable sharing their journey with God with the rest of the church community, people will be able to see how they share many of the same issues and questions about life and faith. Especially through the one-stop channel of a church blog, we can learn how to learn, care, pray, encourage, and help one another as a community of growing disciples.


6. What does the Bible say about clear communication and spreading the message of the gospel as far and wide as possible?
When Jesus told the Apostles, “…you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, & in all Judea & Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth”, little did the Apostles imagine what we take for granted today -i.e. the internet, air travel, television, etc. We are living in a day and time when the gospel can go to the once remote parts of the earth using a wide variety of means. But, Jesus promised it & we are now part of it. My prayer and hope is that we will be skilled stewards of every tool that God puts at our disposable to share the gospel – to anyone, anywhere, at any time.


7. How has God used the website and the internet in the past to impact people in the church?
It is hard to calculate just how many people have been impacted through the ministry of the church website. I have heard personal accounts from people that span a whole range of experiences. Some praise the Lord for finding GBC on the web and over time becoming a member of the GBC family - many new members have come to church this way and we hear about it in the members' classes. Others have shared that the sermons given by different speakers have made a difference in their lives - some church members faithfully download the mp3s to study and to share what they have learned with others.