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Interview with Lim Eng Khin

Lim Eng Khin shares with us how she came to GBC and the importance of God's word in her spiritual walk.

1. Could you introduce yourself to our readers – for example what you do for a living &/or what are you actively involved in?

I am married to the gentle and long-suffering Song Huat, and mum to three daughters: Andrea, Olivia & Tessa, and three sons in law: Sidney, Scott and Matt, whom I couldn’t be more proud and thankful for. :)


(Anti-clockwise from top right): Song Huat with Eng Khin, eldest daughter Andrea and son-in-law Sidney, youngest daughter Tessa and son-in-law Matt, and second daughter Olivia and son-in-law Scott.

I returned to S’pore last July after 15 years in Perth. I am very thankful that after a brief stint of volunteering at the Rainbow Centre last August, God opened an opportunity for me to work there full time as an Apprentice Teacher in January 2018. I am experiencing a steep learning curve in the area of education for children with special needs, but enjoying the training and counting it a privilege to learn and interact with students and staff there.

2. How did you come to Christ and how did you come to join Grace Baptist Church?

I came to Christ through a classmate when I was 15 years old, she shared the gospel with me and invited me to YFC (Youth for Christ) meetings held fortnightly at a church near our school. I was not allowed to attend church, so when I met Song at university, and when he received the big tick of approval from my grandma and parents, I was finally allowed to attend church with him here at GBC.

GBC is my first church. I came here with Song in 1985, was baptised and married here by the late Rev Dr Poulson.

I am also thankful that after years away from GBC, I have found my ‘footing’ and reconnected with many faithful brothers & sisters who worshipped and served here in the 80s. I have also got to know many others who have made GBC their home church.

3. Could you share with us your spiritual discipline or habits and what has been helpful for your growth/encouragement?

For too many years, I was contented with just church attendance and holding on to John 3:16 and a smattering of other Bible verses here and there that guarantee my passport to heaven.

It was only in my early 30s when I was nagged and dragged to attend an indepth, systematic, application based Bible study that I realised how I had shortchanged myself as a child of God.

I have found that the more God reveals Himself in His word to me as I study and apply them in my life and situations, the more I am awed into reverence, fear and love for our Lord. The more I know God for who He is, the more it transforms my thinking, my attitudes and my actions.

When I diligently study God’s word, His word informs my thoughts, guides my decisions, changes my attitudes and I find clarity moving forward, I find hope and peace despite circumstances.  

So spending time in His word and in prayers are definitely the most essential for my growth and encouragement.

4. Could you share with us what areas are you are serving now or has served in the church and what have you learnt from them? 

I’m serving with the Greeting and Hospitality Team here at GBC. Until last April, I had been mostly involved with the ministry of Bible Study Fellowship International in S’pore and Perth since the late 90s.

What have I learned? God has taught me that He is faithful and He is THE Sovereign God. We just need to keep our eyes on Him when called to step out to serve the body of Christ in big or small ways. There is no need to fear or fret. Its not about me.

I need to just pray through everything, give our best effort, depend on the Lord, and HE alone determines the outcome to fulfil His good purposes for His church.

5. Tell us something about yourself that many members do not know. 

I love cleaning, decluttering and organising spaces, its therapeutic for me! LOL

6. Could you share with us one of your greatest joys and one of your greatest challenges as you support Song Huat as a spiritual leader of the church?

Greatest joy – to witness the power that is at work in Song’s life – how the Lord has prepared him for this season and enabled Song to step out to serve the Lord by serving His people at GBC. 

Greatest challenge – to see Song giving his 110% and yet questioning if he has done enough.

7. How can we pray for you and encourage you?

Pray that I will learn to be content in ALL things, remember the great Hope and Salvation I have in the Lord Jesus and to keep on keeping on.


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