Interview with Claire Low

Claire Low opens up on her personal struggles in following Christ while growing up as well as shares how she and Pastor Eugene plans out each year for spiritual growth.

Thanksgiving Dedication Service  (22).JPG1. Could you introduce yourself to our readers – for example what you do for a living &/or what are you actively involved in currently? 

I am Claire, married to Eugene and we have two energetic boys, Zachary and Iain. I am a full time wife, mother, employee at DBS Bank and member of God’s family at Grace Baptist Church! When I have time, I enjoy being creative in the kitchen and around the house. Two weeks back, the boys and I made a space pod and a volcano!  

2. How did you come to Christ?

I became a Christian when I was in University in London where I got to know many wonderful Christians who challenged my faith. I have always thought of myself as a Christian because I went to church, but God opened my eyes to see many idols in my heart and the many things that I prioritised above God. I have always been a straight A student who measured success in very worldly terms, but God opened my eyes to see that He gives us gifts for His glory and pleasure. He does not want me to look just like the world and to chase after the same things. That is sin – loving the creation more than the creator. Slowly, I saw my desires change from a self-centred view of success to a God-centred one. I experienced a freedom that I never had whilst I was chasing after the wind and life became meaningful. The fight against idolatry continues but I know that the Spirit is constantly at work in my life helping me to turn to Jesus daily.

3. Could you share with us your spiritual discipline or habits and what has been helpful for your growth/encouragement?

At the start of every year, Eugene and I will take a day out to evaluate the year past and plan for the year ahead. This has been really life changing for me as I can map out books I want to read this year, ministry goals, spiritual goals, areas I want to grow in (and concretely how to do so), relationships I want to build, areas I want to change and so on. Eugene keeps me accountable for those things I commit to. I also tell other sisters areas that I would like help and accountability. We also set ministry goals and priorities as a family and even for our kids. I would like to grow in prayer and reading of the word – planning and setting aside time helps me to be consistent.

I believe that relationships are central to the Christian life so that we can spur one another on and to partner to share the gospel with non-Christians. I try to be intentional about how I can build varied relationships with the pockets of time I have. This involves advance planning to see how I can incorporate relationships as part of my life. 

As a family, we also read the Bible together every night and that has been a sweet habit. I still remember reading “The Big Picture Story Bible” to Zachary every night and I love seeing the growth that comes from just consistently doing a little thing every day for a long period of time. 

4. Could you share with us what areas are you are serving now or has served in the church and what have you learnt from them? 

Serving God is about how we live out our faith every day of our lives. For me, this starts at home and it means discipling my children and nurturing them in the faith. At work, I try to arrange lunches with others who work around me so that I can share the gospel or encourage someone in the faith.  

We are also studying the word together weekly in our “incubator CG” where we hope to train new leaders to multiply CGs in the church. I also try to meet up with a few ladies regularly one-to-one to encourage one another.  

We are also blessed to be able to do premarital counselling with couples planning to get married so that we can care well for them and help them build a strong foundation in marriage.  

I think it’s always good to look around us and ask God to open our eyes to the needs in the body and how He wants us to serve this body given our season in life. With young kids and work, I don’t have a lot of time and so I need to be creative in how I use my time. 

5. Tell us something about yourself that many members do not know.

I love a bit of adventure! Eugene and I used to try to visit one National Park a year whilst we were living in the US. I think we have been to at least 10 of them including camping in Alaska! 

6. Can you share with us one of your greatest joys and one of your greatest challenges as you support Ps Eugene as a spiritual leader of the church?

I have a front row seat to witness the amazing transforming work of the gospel in the lives of the most broken of people. I have had the privilege of seeing the lost, the abused, the broken hearted and the downcast turn to Jesus. Often these journeys start with difficult conversations and fruit comes in the most unexpected of ways so and that truly no man may boast. This has also brought deep and rich friendships into our lives. This is a seat that I would not trade for anything in this world because the joy it brings is beyond measure.  

I am always reminded that God calls us to GO and make disciples and that means leaving things and people we are comfortable with. A big challenge for me and for our family has been to go outside our comfort zone so as to follow Jesus wherever He calls us to go. Pastoral ministry has impact on the family that is not always easy but always good. 

7. How can we pray for you and encourage you?

Pray that we will continue to have great joy and perseverance as we serve the Lord. Pray that our children will grow to love God and His people! We are so thankful for the many friends they have made of all ages and I pray God will use these friendships to show them Jesus.