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Heritage from the Lord

88 children had a wild and good time over 2.5 days during Vacation Bible School last week. One of the volunteers shares her prayers for these children and GBC.


Dearest Heavenly Father, thank you that VBS completed with no injuries and all volunteers and workers worked together for your pleasure and glory. Thank you for the spirit of unity, wisdom and counsel and for gifting people with crafts and ideas just like you supplied for the talents in building the Temple.


Thank you for the many learning opportunities from each other and for many, it was a humbling experience as we learnt to discover more about your enablement and provision where we think we lacked. Thank you God for the children who are a heritage from you, our inheritance. Help GBC as a church, to be faithful in bringing up these children in the ways of the Lord that they may prosper and be richly blessed and in their abundance, they may carry out the gospel message to reach more people and expand your kingdom. 


During VBS, I was concerned about how some preschoolers like to say things opposite from what they meant like “God is not good” when we want them to say, “God is good”. I am concerned that what they say will become what they believe and so Lord, I pray that whatever careless words that were said by these children, in your mercy and grace, may you forgive them and remove the ill effects that these careless words may potentially have on their young lives. For this morning, you reminded me in Matthew 12:34-37, that it is only natural that these children in their sinful nature, say things that are evil. Therefore, I pray that you may help GBC as a church to sow abundance in these children’s hearts. Cause the teachings and acts of kindness and love to these children to bear fruit Lord, and shape the words of the children’s mouth to progress from not naturally expressing love to you to desire to express praise and worship to you from their hearts. 

Have mercy on us all Lord. I pray also for the GBC teachers and parents to be favoured by you and receive personal teachings from you that with the daily renewing of their minds and sanctifying of their hearts that they may apply all that they have learnt and received from you to affect the lives of GBC’s children as they grow in church. 

Thank you for the privilege that you have given me to serve in VBS. I felt that this experience has enriched me and helped make up for what I missed not growing up in church. Thank you Lord that although I am not a member of this church, they are willing to accept me as a co-worker. And may the Lord who goes on ahead of us to continue to open up new channels for us to serve and enrich our neighbours and communities. And when opportunities present themselves, you may open up our eyes to recognise these opportunities and to respond favourably to your calling. I pray these in Jesus name. Amen!

“Lo, sons are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.”
Psalms 127:3 (RSV)