Grace Together in Prayer


25 January 2019



We thank God for His grace and mercy in 2018 for the WORSHIP MINISTRY.

  • For how He has guided us in the Reformation concert.
  • For the various new members of the worship ministry, including those in sound, AV, musicians & song leaders.
  • For the choir who has been faithfully serving us through the regular offertory & worship leading.
  • For the faithfulness of those in the ministry in serving His people every week.

 For 2019, please continue to pray for:

  • The team that they continue to serve with joy and unity in Christ.
  • For the upcoming lunch get together for the entire ministry team as we seek to grow in “Grace Together”.
  • For the choir as they begin preparing for the offertory as well as for the Good Friday and Easter services.

Pray for the CHURCH CAMP 2019 (12 – 15 JUNE 2019)

  • Please continue to pray that GBC members would see this as a great opportunity to inter-mingle with each other, as they encourage one another in their walk with God.
  • Pray for the camp registrations going on now, that members would sign up early, to facilitate the planning.
  • Pray for the committee as they seek to put God first in all their deliberations.

We pray for the YOUNG ADULTS

  • Pray for the young adults as we start another year of small group and big group meetings. Pray that we will commit to discipling relationships and see them through, holding each other accountable for our lives, decisions and personal walks with God. Pray that we will help each other strive for holiness and to love God, His church and His word more.
  • Pray for the young adult leaders as we meet in January to plan and forecast the rest of 2019. Our key thrusts this year are discipleship and evangelism - pray that both will be fuelled by grace and love, and that the young adults will rally to this call to live out our faith in clear, obvious ways even in our lives outside of church.
  • Pray for the new young adult leaders who are coming onboard for six months to see what leadership entails. Pray for us as we commit to Equip and meeting together to share our lives and struggles, and also commit to sharing the gospel with one non-Christian friend. Pray that God will guard our hearts from pride and give us wisdom and patience to reach out to our friends who may not be open to hearing the gospel.

We pray for CHILDREN who have entered Secondary 1 and the youth that they will continue to be ministered by the church but also that God will be present in their lives in a new school environment.

We pray for the YOUTH

  • Thanksgiving for the youth who received their O Level results, and prayer for them as they await the results of their school postings (Mercia Tan, Esther Chan, Gareth Lim).
  • These couple of weeks we have been going through apologetics topics, thankful for youth who are asking questions and continue to pray with us as we go through these difficult questions about God and our faith.
  • Please pray for our leaders as they go back to school/go through busy seasons at work.
  • Thank God for Caleb Lee and Benedict Seah who have agreed to help serve in the youth group even-though they have "graduated" from the youth group to the YA.

We pray for our CGs

  • We give thanks for the two new CGs starting up in 2019 (Sidney & Andrea together with Aaron & Shermaine’s CG; and Gerald & Jo Keow’s CG). Pray for the CGs as they start that they will be rooted in the gospel, grounded in the Word and established in relationships.
  • We pray for our CGs and CG Leaders as we start in our studies in Romans that members will be discipled in the Word, grow to understand and love the gospel and to live the applications of the gospel out in their life as a community together.
  • We give thanks for the new incubator CG starting up. We pray that as they come together for this year that the members will be better equipped to either start new CGs or strengthen other existing CGs after their time together.

 We pray for WOMEN of GRACE

  • Pray for the event on 16 Feb - Spiritual Mothering: Building and gives friendship in the body. Pray for good attendance & good relationships building.
  • Pray for the senior ladies who have been faithfully studying the Word on every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Pray for good health so that they can continue to come for the Bible study.
  • Thank God for the addition of newcomers to the various ladies bible study group. May God help us to enjoy and persevere in our study.



  • Pray for the YOUNG ADULTS as we start our year-long study in Romans with the rest of the church, that we will sink deep roots in God's Word. Pray that the Word will shape our convictions and that we may say with Paul that we are not ashamed of the gospel. Pray that we will also raise more godly young adults who are able to handle and teach God's Word.
  • We give thanks for the attendance at the first “Equip” Pray for more church members to come and be trained to read and teach the Word better, and to be equipped to apply the Word to everyday life well.
  • Pray for our CG Leaders as we resume our CLOBs sessions. Pray that we will come together to be equipped to teach the Word faithfully; and to earn how to shepherd the hearts of our CG members with truth, wisdom and love.



  • Pray for the YOUNG ADULTS as God brings more and more young visitors to our church. Pray that we take personal responsibility to reach out to them, and that we will be faithful in following up with them. Pray that God will soften hearts and call them to Himself through His church.
  • The CHILDREN'S MINISTRY is planning an outing for the children in the coming march holidays and also other more regular activities for parents, teachers and children to interact outside of Sunday and to help relate to each other. Please pray for good weather, open hearts, listening ears as we start a new year hoping to build a community amongst the children but also amongst those who are ministering to them.



  • Pray for the team running the TUESDAY ENQUIRY GROUP as they plan this effort for 2019. Pray for faithfulness in service, boldness in planning, and humility in loving those we want to reach. Pray that we will hold out the gospel and trust God for fruit.
  • Pray for the young adults as we focus on EVANGELISM this year especially - that we will live out our Christian lives outside of church, and that we may be bold to share the gospel with our friends and family that they may know Jesus Christ in a deep, personal way.
  • A core group of volunteers have committed to planning for VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 2019 from 27-29 November. In 2018, we had a strong attendance of non-Christian and non-GBC children, as well as participation from a wide range of church members. Please pray for the core team as they start planning, and also for parents and children to start planning to invite their friends for VBS.
  • Pray for our Compassion Ministries. Pray for us as we emphasize Compassion Ministry in Grace Baptist Church in 2019. Pray that as a church we grow to be rich in good works, especially for those in need, as we reflect the heart of our God of compassion. Pray for us that through our good works, we will build relationships where we can lovingly share the good news of Jesus Christ. Pray for the leaders of our ministry to GraceHaven, Gladiolus Place and our Tuition Ministry: that God will continue to provide and strengthen them as they love and serve faithfully. Pray for us even as we explore 1-2 other possibilities in our MacPherson neighbourhood.




Fedora joined OMF as an associate in February 2018. She started in Lopburi (Thailand) for her Thai language and culture training. She has helped in admin work with the language centre and home schooled two missionary children. She came to Bangkok in October 2018 and has worked with the Urban Poor team teaching English to the slum children, visitation and befriending the children's parents. She leads a bible study group for domestic staff of OMF and also serves as a Serve Asia coordinator.

  • Pray for protection and health for Fedora who frequents the slum areas & that she eats well & starts exercising as she promised herself to.
  • Pray that hearts will be open as she befriends the parents and be able to show Christ’s love for them.
  • Pray for patience and love for her pre-believing students and that God will open their hearts to His saving grace.

Jan - Mar 2019

  • Kids’ Clubs - Visitations are conducted in the evenings and over the weekends.
  • Pray that the Thais would be welcoming and for open hearts so that more can be done.
  • Studying Thai and to complete her final exam by the end of this year and doing administrative work in OMF Bangkok Office.
  • Pray for continued diligence and humility for her studies & that she will learn the ropes of admin work quickly & be of help.
  • Pray for work partners in the Don Mueang area (near to the old Bangkok International airport).
  • Sunny an experienced missionary in Thailand is considering joining her.
  • Pray that God will provide her with good mentors & work partners.
  • Pray for teammates to join her, especially Thais.
  • Pray for open doors to network with various Thai Christians in the area, for example a prison ministry that links with the people in the slums are established.



Dreams for 2019 - "We continue to hold fast to the vision of training more spiritual leaders throughout Thailand & East Asia. One of our goals was met through the Missions in Action conference (Dec2018), when 800 participants gathered to be instructed and inspired to pursue God's mission. Starting January, David will teach the Book of Acts and Leadership Development to M.Div Students at Bangkok Bible Seminary, which is another channel for us to multiply leaders.”

Our spiritual goal for 2019 is simple - "to love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind." (Matt”22:37)

Praises and Prayers

  • Praise God for the completion of Missions in Action conference. Pray for good follow-up of those who indicated their commitment to missions.
  • Praise God that the story of Christ's birth was shared broadly during the Christmas season including in our own neighbourhood. Pray for some to respond by faith in Christ.
  • Gladys has been diagnosed with Lyme disease. Pray for Gladys’ health to continue to improve by God's grace and through proper self -care.
  • Praise God for clear platforms to train leaders in Thailand. Pray for on-going wisdom & insight from the Lord for David in his weekly Bible teaching and coaching of Thai church leaders.
  • Pray for their five children to know the Lord and experience His truth & love personally.
  • Praise God that David has completed his D. Min at Fuller Seminary in 2018 & he is more equipped for His work for His Glory.


More comprehensive updates are at the bulletin board at the fellowship hall.