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Grace Together in Prayer for 29 March 2019


29 March 2019




  • Pray for the WORSHIP TEAM as they prepare for the upcoming Good Friday and Easter services. 
  • Pray for the choir as they continue to meet over the next few weeks to rehearse & prepare for the anthems they will be singing for both Good Friday and Easter services.
  • Pray for the song leaders, musicians – as they prepare & choose the songs & hymns to be sung during the services.
  • Pray for unity among the members as we seek to serve Him together in Spirit & in truth & also to look for opportunities to serve each other & build each other up in the faith.
  • Pray for the congregation – that their hearts will be prepared to meet & encounter Christ as we remember His redeeming work on the cross & the power of His resurrection.


 CHURCH CAMP 2019 (12 – 15 JUNE 2019)

  • Pray for the church camp registration which closes this Sun 31 Mar. Pray that we would have the minimum number to qualify with no penalties.
  • Pray that people will be able to attend the camp & register early.
  • Pray that we will trust the Lord to provide the numbers. 



  • Thank God for the evangelistic event on 23 Mar that saw 55 young adults gather together to hear the panel share about their lives & what sparked joy for them. Pray that this event on finding joy in God will lead to conversations between friends, and that the many YAs who brought friends to the event will pray and think deeply about how to share the gospel with their friends. 
  • Pray for the YAs as we mature - that as we increasingly see how fundamental our faith is to our lives, we will allow our thoughts, emotions, decisions, motivations and all of our lives be shaped by and built on our faith and salvation in Christ.



  • Thank God for the people who came for our evangelistic event last Friday, and wisdom as we follow up with them.
  • Pray for the leaders as they juggle multiple ministry and work/school commitments.



  • Pray that the ministry will seek to disciple our small group members in the word, encourage them to be rooted in the gospel and to apply the gospel in our relationships.
  • Give thanks for the faithfulness of our CG Leaders. Pray for God's sustaining grace as they lead their CGs, and that the joy of the Lord be their strength.
  • Pray for the members of our church who are not in CGs to consider joining CGs, so that they can learn and apply the word in community as they progress in Christ-likeness. Pray for the members already in CGs that they will build relationships that facilitate the speaking of gospel truth in love as they seek to apply the word in their lives.



  • Pray for the YOUNG ADULTS leaders as they look to the next 9 months & think about how we can best use the time to train & ground young adults in God’s word. Pray for focus on the important things, genuineness of heart to know & love the YAs we minister to & faithfulness & humility through this planning phase.

MUMS CONNECT which meets on 2nd and 4th Friday of every month.

  • Earnest help needed to look after the children while the mums are looking into God's word and share their parenting challenges thru His word.
  • God will provide mothers the way to attend meetings.
  • Mothers will benefit from the meetings and bless others for the advancement of His Kingdom.



  • Pray for the YOUNG ADULTS to love and care for each other well. Pray for the many struggling – with self-doubt, with questions of the faith, with guilt, stress, anxiety, depression, hurt, loss – pray that they will remember afresh the goodness of our God who is real, and that through His Word and His people they may taste & see that the Lord is good. 


  • We thank God for good weather and a great time on 16 March where parents, teachers & children had a morning outing to Fort Canning Green to build relationships outside of meeting on Sundays.
  • We also thank God that parents, children & teachers are sharing their prayer requests with each other & are praying & sharing personal stories to encourage one another.



  • Pray for the TEG team as they launch the weekly Tuesday studies again on 2 April for 7 weeks. Pray for wisdom and sensitivity as they lead the seven studies & discussions with non-Christians, that they will hold out the gospel and trust God for fruit. Pray also for those accompanying their friends, for boldness and certainty in God and that they too will explain the gospel to their friends faithfully, humbly & lovingly. Pray lastly for the non-Christian friends who will attend, that their hearts will be stirred by what they hear and that God will soften their hearts to come to know Him as their personal God and Saviour through Christ's work on the cross.
  • Pray for GBC to grow in reflecting God's compassion & loving-kindness to our neighbours. Pray that we will invest in building relationships for gospel outcomes – so that we can share and speak the gospel to our neighbours.
  • There are changes to the leadership team at Gracehaven. Pray for us to continue to work well with the new team for the sake of the children. Pray for our monthly "Family Service", that we be able to show the love of Jesus to the children, and to direct our conversations to gospel matters.
  • We give thanks for the "Come, Connect, Swap" pre-loved clothes exchange and dinner event that was held on 19 Mar. There were about 10 girls and staff from Gladiolus Place and 15-20 GBC members who participated in this event. We pray that the relationships built will continue to be strengthened as we start our monthly dinner and prayer evenings at Gladiolus Place in April.
  • Give thanks for our Tuition Ministry and the faithfulness of our teachers. We give thanks for the 15 or so children who have been coming. Pray that the relationships between the teachers, the children and the children's families to be built and strengthened. Pray that God will give our teachers sustaining grace, and wisdom to share the love of God as revealed in the gospel.



Yap Kim Meng  - Navigators

  • Kim Meng has set up a younger Three Men Team mentored by him as part of his succession plan. Pray that the younger men are able to step up to their call when the time comes and be able to lead the organisation to new heights.
  • Pray for Project 100-50-2 which aims to send out 50 short term missionaries for at least 2 months. 3 have done six months missions work and 2 have en-routed to 4 years long term missions work in the Middle East.
  • We continue to praise God for moving the hearts of the young to serve Him and trust that He will raise many more for the field.
  • As Caleb and Rachel's wedding is in July 2019, pray for the family as they prepare for this blessed day.
  • Pray for Kim Meng and Beow Kheng's parents as they advance in age in their mid and late 80s.
  • Pray for Kim Meng's transition out of The Navigators' Director role to be a coach to the younger leaders & helping to promote The Navigators' Community in Disciple-Making with missions-ended goals in mind.


Esther Yap - Wycliffe

"Since moving on 10 Feb to the state's capital city here for my field assignment, I've been staying with friends temporarily while looking for a place to rent long-term. I've since found an affordable studio apartment to rent here in town. The apartment will be ready sometime in the middle of this month, so I will move to this place in a week or so". 

  • Praise God for providing Esther with an affordable and suitable studio apartment to rent in the capital city. 

"At the end of this month, I'll be involved in a Scripture Engagement-related workshop with a few other colleagues. The workshop is from 25-30 Mar and each of us will be bringing our team to the workshop. It will be held in a district that is about 4 hours drive from the capital city and requires driving through the mountain range. During this workshop, teams from different translation projects will come together and teach each other on an area in which that team is good at. The purpose for this workshop is for the teams working on different translation projects to come together, teach and encourage each other and share resources.  "

  • Pray for the workshop happening on 25-30 Mar, namely for safe travels for the team as they make their way to and from the workshop venue, for a fruitful time of learning & open hearts & minds to see openings for cooperation and partnership.

"I've been having persistent pain in my right shoulder since last October. Earlier this year I went to see a doctor for advice and was referred to the government rehab centre at my hometown for physiotherapy treatment. Because I've since moved to this capital city, I'm now continuing my physio sessions at the rehab centre of a government hospital here. Currently, I'm required to visit the rehab centre for twice weekly physio sessions to manage the pain."

  • Pray that Esther will be patient with the healing of her shoulder injury & that the pain will not hinder much of her day-to-day work in the meantime.

Esther will be joining the church for the camp and we pray that she will be blessed by the fellowship with church members and be recharged as she returns to the field.


Deborah Teo - PKH

  • We praise God for His providence in all circumstances. Deborah's lost bag was finally found and returned to her by the airline after an 18 days’ wait.


Kathy's Home - Pua Thailand

Prayer Item for boundary wall at Kathy’s Home

Due to the heavy rain last year, the boundary wall between Kathy’s Home and their immediate neighbour collapsed. It is the responsibility of KH to restore the wall. This requires the section to be dug out, a proper reinforced foundation to be laid for the wall to be built.

  • Pray for the safety of the workers and also for good weather for this work to be completed before the rains come again.