Grace Together in Prayer (28 June 2019)



Pray for the 60th Anniversary Thanksgiving service.   Thank God that plans are underway for the service and that both the EC and CC choirs are joining their hearts and voices together.  Please pray for:

  • Unity between both congregation choirs as they prepare and rehearse together. 
  • Joyful hearts as we serve together to celebrate God’s faithfulness to GBC over the last 60 years.
  • That the service will reflect God’s glorious grace, mercy and sovereignty, and above all, the message of the gospel of Christ will be clearly evident to all.

Give thanks also for new members, Melanie (co-song leading) and Patrick (guitar), joining the team.  Please continue to pray for them and the whole team that as they serve weekly, that the joy of the Lord will be their source of strength.


CHURCH CAMP 2019 (12 – 15 JUNE 2019)

Thanksgiving for:

  • God’s hand in the outcome of the camp.
  • Safety of campers.
  • Opportunity to get to know people better, both old and new & the experience of living as “Grace Together” for a few days.
  • The pastors & camp committee & all who have been involved one way or another in touching lives at the camp. 
  • The message we heard & the time of reflection together regarding our church.

Pray that God will continue to stir our hearts in the days ahead and help us act on what we resolved to do at camp.



  • Pray that we will continue to raise up many, many mature Christians to live radically for Christ. Pray that we will have a heart for the gospel and a heart for our church, that we will love each other practically as we know God more.



  • We want to thank the Lord that the children got to hear the personal testimonies of the elders and missionaries during the June holidays. The children were very attentive as they listened to the gospel told through the lives of people they meet.




  • Pray that as we dig into God’s Word week after week, our eyes will be opened and our hearts will be tender as we continually seek to know God more, and that this knowledge will shape our walks, our relationships, and even how we spend our time & money.



  • Pray that God will give wisdom to the teachers as they prepare for the new semester of lessons after a well deserved one-month break.



  • Pray for us as we prepare for youth service Sunday (30 Jun), that the youth would be able to serve well and learn more about what it means to serve the church body.
  • Pray for us as we prepare for a transition of leadership from Samuel to Nathan.
  • Pray for the youth as they continue to grapple with their faith & learning what it means to be faithful Christians amidst different influences & pressures at school.




  • Pray that we will learn how to apply Eph 4:32 well - to be kind to each other by putting others ahead of ourselves; to be tender by caring well and dying to selves continually, and to forgive, not just forget. Pray for an unusual love that overcomes awkwardness and pushes us to pursue Christ in our relationships - not just amongst young adults, but with others in the church as well.
  • Thank God for the many YAs who have returned from overseas for their break from school. Pray that they will use their time back home well, and that we will encourage one another as we meet and catch up, and that they will have a good time to rest and be cared for by friends at home.



  • The ministry hopes to bring teachers, parents and children into loving relationships with each other. We hope that other church members will also warm up to including the children as part of the community of Christ.
  • The ministry will be presenting its plan and vision for doing so at the July QCM and we pray for the Spirit to move the congregation.




  • Pray for the YA leaders as we plan for the six months ahead in 2019 - for the second run of TEG, the evangelism event coming up, as well as possible training sessions to run. Pray for wisdom, strength & faithfulness as we strive ahead even with packed schedules, and pray that our hearts will remain soft & be on fire for the gospel.



The Compassion Ministry at GBC hopes to love and serve our neighbours and to make friends so that we can share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Give thanks for our ministry to Gladiolus Place- we had the Gladiolus Place girls (together with their staff and interns) come over to GBC on 3 June, and their carnival on 23 June which was attended by many GBC folks. Pray for the good building of friendships. Pray also for the women who faithfully prepare dinner for the Gladiolus Place girls on every last Tuesday of the month. Pray for God's sustaining grace for the women and for their outreach to the girls - may they be able to share the love of Jesus Christ in service and the gospel of Jesus Christ in their conversations.
  • Pray for our Tuition Ministry. Give thanks for the break the teachers had for the month of June. Pray for the teachers as they once again take up the ministry of homework support to the children come July - pray for God's strength & joy as they serve the children. Pray for opportunities for the teachers to build friendships with the children & their families.
  • Pray for our outreach to Gracehaven. Pray for our monthly Family Service where the gospel is declared. Pray that the children will have open and receptive hearts. Pray also for our once every two months outings (which we will be resuming in August). Pray for the strengthening of friendships with the children. Pray also for the volunteer meet-up with Gracehaven on Thursday 4 July. May we strengthen our understanding & partnership with the new staff at Gracehaven.
  • Give thanks for our partnership with Pray for the follow-up with LoveAid as we explore ministry opportunities to the elderly in our Macpherson neighbourhood in July. Pray for God's leading as we seek to find ways to love and serve our elderly neighbours and to build friendships & bridges for the gospel.  



Our CGs strive to be groups of communities on gospel mission together. We are currently studying Paul's Letter to the Romans for 2019.

  • Give thanks for this past church camp & the expressed desire of many to strengthen the CGs in GBC. Pray for God's guidance & wisdom as the Elders and the CG Ministry Team review, pray & plan for healthy growth in our CGs @ GBC.
  • Pray for members of GBC that they may find a CG community that intentionally encourages & challenges them to grow to Christ-likeness. Pray that individual members take responsibility for the growth of their respective CGs.
  • Pray for God's equipping & empowering for the CG leaders as we resume our CG meetings after a refreshing break in June. 



  • Vacation Bible School planning is underway. Please pray for parents to make time for their children and friends to attend. For volunteers to come forward to help with the preparation and the actual day events. Please pray for the team led by Deborah Yap to be able to juggle this gospel project as we seek to bring Christ to even more non-Christian kids especially those from the MacPherson community.




  • Missions Initiative 100-50-2
  • The above initiative is to target short term labourers for the field to translate to mid term and long term missionaries for 2019.
  • We thank God that He has inspired a couple to give a hundred thousand to the cause.
  • By September Nav will have 40 labourers making 20 trips over 200 weeks to Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangkok, Vietnam and India. One missionary had started with a 2-month trip which was then translated to a 6 months and 4 years missions commitment to the Lord.
  • We thank God for opening doors and help us see the wondrous work of His hand. (Isaiah 42:19)

Community Ministry

  • There is a need to relook into the community ministry and to examine how we can truly live and disciple among the lost and how missions look like in our community context.
  • We thank the Lord for the coming union between Caleb & Rachel & look forward to the wedding this July. May their home be a haven to all who enter. 
  • Pray for unity & oneness of mind & spirit among staff as Kim Meng hands over the national leadership to a younger team of men in the next 18 months. 
  • Pray for the Lord’s leading as our community staff seeks to live and disciple among the lost. 



  • Trang is facing some human resource problems that have impacted the daily smooth operation of the centre.
  • Pray for God's provision of new staff and unity amongst fellow workers during this difficult time.
  • Pray for Deborah as she navigates through this issue & that God would encourage and empower her in the field.