Grace Together in Prayer (27 September 2019)



  • God has blessed us with a growing brood both in the nursery & in Children’s Church. As we look to open more classes please pray for members' hearts to be moved to join the ministry as teachers (we need about 16 new teachers for Children’s Church and always need more hands for the nursery). 


  • Thank God for the many fruitful discipling relationships amongst the small groups, as non-believers become believers & grow in maturity. Pray that we will continue to actively commit to each other and sink deep roots in God's word as we gather. Pray also for the YA leaders as we continue to plan for 2020, that God will give us wisdom to discern how to serve the young adults in GBC faithfully.


As we enter the final quarter of the year, we thank God for His faithfulness in

  • Providing new members to join the ministry in various capacities including song leaders, musicians & AV.  We have about 8 new members join since the beginning of the year.
  • Sustaining the ministry and helping us to serve with joy & unity in Christ.

In these last few months of the year, please pray for

  • The leaders of the worship ministry as they plan for the ministry in 2020, including training & other events.
  • Members in the team to be able to help & encourage one another grow in Christlikeness & deepen their faith even as they serve in this ministry.
  • Unity in the Spirit as various ones from different age groups & background serve together.




  • Pray for the upcoming Tuesday Enquiry Group that will start again on 1 Oct 2019 and run for 6 consecutive Tuesdays. Pray for the attendees - new believers, non-believers & believers with questions alike - as we invite them to see what the Bible says about God and sin, Christ and the Christian life, and finally about pain & hope as a Christian. Pray for sustenance for the team as they juggle their jobs and other commitments, and that they will preach the gospel faithfully every week.


As we study the book of Judges in the next three months, pray that

  • We will be deeply convicted of our sin, idolatry & evil. We will see that we really need someone to break the cycle of evil & rebellion.
  • We will see that the person we need to break the cycle is not us, but someone who is unlike all the judges that we are studying about.


As we study the book of Philippians in the next three months, pray that

  • We will adopt a heavenly mindset, that looks like (a) striving side by side with one mind for the sake of the gospel and (b) rejoicing in the Lord Jesus.
  • We will follow the examples of Jesus, Paul, Timothy & Epaphroditus in using our whole lives (and death) to serve the advance of the gospel.


  • Pray that sisters will find encouragement in building deep relationships with one another; to be involved in building each other in the faith through reading of God’s word & praying regularly; be an encouragement and inspiration to people wherever God has placed them.
  • Pray that the Word will take root in our hearts and we will bear fruit for His glory.


Our CGs strive to be groups where we are communities on gospel mission together. We are currently studying Paul's Letter to the Romans for 2019, seeking to apply the Bible to our lives together.

  • We are 3/4 of the way through Paul’s Letter to the Romans! Continue to pray for God’s equipping & leading of our CG Leaders as we finish our studies in Romans. Pray for fruit as we apply God’s word to our lives & to the life of the church.
  • Continue to pray for our CG Leaders to shepherd their CG members wisely & courageously as we seek to speak God’s truth, seasoned with grace, into the lives of others in the CG. Pray that in doing so, we continue to pursue growth in Christ-likeness together.
  • Pray for our CG Ministry talk & sharing session on Saturday 26 October 2019. Pray for God’s leading as we talk about plans for 2020 and share what some CGs have been doing to help one another grow to Christ-likeness and build community life together.




  • Pray for the many young adults that have come to GBC - pray that as we consider what it means to follow Jesus, we will learn to die to self & love & serve the body of Christ, practicing our faith in word & deed.


  • We thank God for the great weather & wonderful fellowship that God granted the children, parents & teachers at our annual movie night. Even though the movie could not be played, those who came still had a good time getting to know each other better & sharing our lives.




  • Pray for the evangelism event on 28 Sep 2019, on the topic of Identity. Pray for the YAs leading the event and the panelists speaking, that they will have wisdom to tackle the topic in a mature, balanced, meaningful and approachable way. Pray for boldness and opportunities as people consider who they can bring to the event.


The Compassion Ministry at GBC seeks to love and serve our neighbours and to make friends so that we can tell our friends about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Give thanks for our ministry to Gladiolus Place- Give thanks for the women who faithfully prepare dinner for the Gladiolus Place girls every last Tuesday evening of the month. Pray for God's sustaining grace for the women and their outreach to the girls - may they be able to share the love of Jesus Christ in service and the gospel of Jesus Christ in their conversations. Pray for the team and the Staff at Gladiolus Place as they plan for a GBC-Gladiolus Place monthly Sunday lunches with families and small groups. Pray for God's leading & opportunities to build strong relationships with the girls.
  • Pray for our Tuition Ministry. Give thanks for the teachers who sacrificially give of their time on Wednesday evenings to serve the children by helping them with their homework. Pray for God's sustaining grace and joy as they faithfully serve. Pray for opportunities for the teachers to build friendships with the children and their families so that they can talk about Jesus Christ. Pray for the children to know Christ's peace as they prepare for their examinations.
  • Pray for our outreach to Gracehaven. Pray for our monthly Family Service on the last Thursday evening of the month where the gospel is proclaimed. Pray that the children will have open and receptive hearts. Pray for the team as they plan for the next outing for the children on Saturday 16 November. Pray for the strengthening of friendships with the children so that we can speak to them about Jesus Christ.
  • Give thanks for our partnership with Give thanks for the opportunities to serve & love the elderly in MacPherson Neighbourhood. Give thanks for the handful of volunteers who have responded to the opportunity. Pray for more from GBC to help in this area and for the formation of a volunteers' team. Pray for God's wisdom, as we love and serve our elderly neighbours, the building of friendships and bridges for the gospel. Pray also for God's leading as we explore other possibilities in the area of health and wellness to serve the Elderly in the MacPherson Neighbourhood so that more might come to know of the gospel & love of Jesus Christ.


  • Vacation Bible School – pray for our camp director Deborah to draw strength from God in the midst of her busy schedule to plan & roll out the various phases of VBS. We pray for a strong response from church members, their friends and the public as we target 100 children. We also need volunteers & pray that God will move hearts.


If you are interested in finding out more about mission work or feel God’s call in this direction, please contact brother Wee Thiem Heng in person or email



  • Praise God for the friendship with Lek, a lady in her fifties who has bipolar disorder. Lek’s husband asked Fedora to talk to her more & help her deal with her stress. Thank God that Fedora has found it easy to chat with her and there have been a few times when she asked about Jesus.
  • Please pray that God will give Fedora the right words to say. Praise God that she was able to talk to Lek’s 18-year-old daughter, Mai, for the first time. Lek has asked Fedora to practise conversational English with Mai who wants to be an air stewardess. Please pray for a deepened friendship with both Lek and Mai.
  • Please pray for Wi and her 2 daughters, Pancake and Cookie. Wi’s live-in boyfriend is very controlling and forbids them from joining any Christian-related activity, including Fedora’s English class at church for kids. Please pray that Wi will be able to break free from this toxic relationship. Please pray that the faith of Wi and her daughters will be strengthened. 
  • Pray for Fedora that the Lord is with her always and protect her as she moves around the Thai community doing ministry. Pray for boldness and gentleness as she witnesses in the community.


  • Deborah's aged parents are currently warded in Ng Teng Fong Hospital (mother) & Jurong Community Hospital (father).
  • Pray for speedy recovery & that God's healing hand will be upon them. Pray that God will sustain the care givers and give them strength & patience as they care for their aged parents.
  • Pray that our Lord will comfort Deborah & that she will not be anxious about her parents. Continue to pray for Deborah's health & that she will continue to pay attention to her nutrition.


Kim Meng and Beow Kheng will be having 3 overseas ministry trips from September to November.

  • Pray for journey mercies, good health & increased capacity as they attend the Global Missions Consultation conference in Turkey this week.

Global Missions Consultation 23 Sep-1 Oct

  • Pray for God to bless us during the GMC with a keen awareness of his presence with us and a deep sense of experiencing his pleasure as we seek to bring his glory among the nations.  "Go up into the mountains and bring down timber and build the house, so that I may take pleasure in it and be honored", says the Lord." Haggai 1:8 

International Fund Raising (IFC) & Full Sail Conference (FSC) 14-25 Oct 

  • Pray for fellow staff, Royston/SY (FR Director) and a younger staff Roger whom we are developing to be the next FR leader, attending this conference with us. Pray that we will grow professionally as staff coaches in this area of fundraising and donor ministry.

APLT country leaders conference 29 Oct - 3 Nov

We will be deciding on our Asia Pacific missions priorities for the next 10 years & selecting & commissioning a new regional director.

  • Pray for God to be glorified & wisdom, grace & sensitivity to the Lord for all those involved in this process and that He will identify the man of His choice. We are very mindful that leadership in His kingdom is a sacred responsibility & stewardship, characterised by servanthood & humility.  1 Sam 16:7 'But the Lord said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." '


Esther’s scripture engagement team has been working on a series of stories from the scripture for children in a big book format. These big books are created for use in Sunday School classes. So far, we've translated 20 titles. The stories need to be checked for spelling and accuracy before we can print & distribute them. There are another 20 titles left to go in the series.

  • Recently, two of Esther’s team members have requested to leave the team, for personal & family reasons. Please pray that the existing team members are not discouraged by the change in the team dynamics. Please pray for wisdom & defence against anxiety for the two ladies leaving the team, as they seek the Lord's guidance concerning their family.
  • Esther’s organization is holding an EthnoArts Facilitators workshop from 30 Sep to 4 Oct. EthnoArts is the appropriate use of indigenous artistic expressions, in various forms for various communicative purposes. A group of pastors & mother-tongue translators will be travelling to the capital city on 29 Sep for this workshop. After the workshop, they will be going to the mountain area for a 2-day retreat organised by Faith Comes By Hearing. Please pray for safe travels & a refreshing time of learning & reflection for them at the workshop retreat.
  • Esther is co-IC of logistics for this workshop, so please pray for her that they have everything they need for the workshop. Please pray that the workshop will run smoothly and that the participants will be inspired to express their faith & hope in God in their own unique way. They expect to have 57 people at this workshop, including the trainers & facilitators.
  • Esther is happy to announce that she has gotten engaged last month. Josh Ng is a Malaysian and she first met him at a church cell group three years ago. He works as a freelance animator. The wedding will take place in May next year in Josh's hometown. Do pray for them during this period of engagement, as they plan & prepare for the wedding (and more importantly, for the marriage!) and also as they adjust to this new stage of their lives. Her assignment with the faith-based organization here remains the same, while Josh will continue with his animation work.


*For more detailed updates of the above, please refer to the notice board on level 3.