Grace Together in Prayer (26 July 2019)




Please continue to pray for the worship team and choir from both the EC and CC as they prepare to lead the congregation in the upcoming 60th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service.  Preparations are now in full swing.  Please pray:

  • For unity to be displayed among our choir members from both congregations, so that the aroma of Christ might be evident in their singing and bring attention to the glory, love & faithfulness of Christ.
  • For the song leaders of both congregations that as they work together to choose the songs and plan for the service, they do so with the Spirit's guidance.
  • For joy as they serve Him together and that they may minister to one another as they rehearse together.

We also thank God for the 2 new members of our worship team (Melanie - song leader and Patrick Lee - guitarist/sound).  Let's continue to pray for them and encourage them as they begin serving us in this ministry & for the Lord to continue to grow them and use them mightily for the sake of the gospel. 



  • Pray for the various discipling relationships formed over the past few months, that our young adults may bear much fruit & be encouraged in seeing lives changed through the knowledge of God. Thank God for the young adults who were/will be baptized, that they will continue to grow in the Word and in community. Pray for wisdom & patience for the young adult leaders who are following up with new friends, that they will do so faithfully & well, and that God will stir hearts to those who long to know Him and His people.    



  • July has started and the children are starting to learn about Jesus after having learnt about major characters in the old testament. Pray for wisdom for the teachers as they introduce the various aspects of Jesus our Saviour to the children.
  • At the July QCM, we boldly asked that God would double the number of teachers and helpers teaching the children & helping in the nursery. Several have stepped up and we pray that more will join. While we want the children to be discipled, we hope that the teachers can be discipled by one another as well.





  • Thank God for preparing more young leaders to teach His Word, and for the conviction to step up to the plate to serve His body this way. Pray that they will see the heavy responsibility of unpacking God's Word as something that is good, and that God will guard their hearts from pride & fear. Pray that the young adults will run to the Word in every season of our lives & in every situation, and that it will shape our convictions to love God and love each other.



As we go through 1 Thessalonians, pray that the youth 

  • will be reassured that the gospel that has come to them is genuine because it produces real transformation & because it comes from Paul, who is genuine.
  • will then do everything that they are doing more & more, that their work of faith and labour of love & endurance of hope will be amplified & will abound more & more. 
  • specifically, that our youth will pursue sanctification & brotherly love & live as those who belong to the day of the Lord.



Our CGs strive to be groups where we are communities on gospel mission together. We are currently studying Paul's Letter to the Romans for 2019, seeking to apply the Bible to our lives together.

  • Pray for members of GBC that they may find a CG community that intentionally encourage & challenge them to grow to Christ-likeness. Pray that individual members take responsibility for the growth of their respective CGs.
  • Pray for our CGs to also be outward focused as we seek to befriend & share with others the good news of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for God's equipping and empowering for the CG leaders as we resume our CLOBs meetings for the rest of 2019.
  • Pray for our CG Leaders as we attend the Equip sessions and as we learn to do life together in the Word. Pray particularly for fruit from the Biblical Counselling Seminar (The Compelling Community: Bearing One Another's Burdens) on 23-24 Aug.





  • We thank God for the weddings of many of our young adults, and we pray that God will bless them in their marriages. For Hewlett and Melanie, Caleb & Rachel, Daniel & Joy, that they will love each other the way you have loved us, and that they will find ways to serve each other and the church through their marriages.





  • Pray for the evangelism event on 31 August 2019, where we will be discussing the topic of Identity. Pray for the YAs leading the event that they will have wisdom as they approach panellists, and strength and stamina as they put together the event while juggling work and school. Pray that young adults and adults alike will be spurred to bring friends and family to the event, that God's name and His gospel may be proclaimed in the conversations that will happen in the lead up to, and at the event.



The Compassion Ministry at GBC seeks to love & serve our neighbours and to make friends so that we can tell our friends about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Give thanks for our ministry to Gladiolus Place- Give thanks for the women who faithfully prepare dinner for the Gladiolus Place girls on every last Tuesday of the month. Pray for God's sustaining grace for the women and for their outreach to the girls - may they be able to share the love of Jesus Christ in service and the gospel of Jesus Christ in their conversations. Pray also for the collection we are doing for Gladiolus Place as well as the staff & girls who will be attending our 60th Anniversary Service. May they be encouraged by GBC's hospitality & love.
  • Pray for our Tuition Ministry. Pray for the teachers as they once again take up the ministry of homework support to the children - pray for God's strength & joy as they serve the children by helping them with their homework. Pray for opportunities for the teachers to build friendships with the children and their families so that they can talk about Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for our outreach to GraceHaven. Pray for our monthly Family Service where the gospel is proclaimed. Pray that the children will have open and receptive hearts. Pray also for our once every two months outings (the first in August). Pray for the strengthening of friendships with the children. 
  • Give thanks for our partnership with LoveAid which opens up opportunities for us to serve and love the Elderly in MacPherson Neighbourhood. Give thanks for the handful of volunteers who have responded to the opportunity. Pray for more from GBC to help in this area. Pray for God's wisdom as we love and serve our elderly neighbours, the building of friendships and bridges for the gospel.



  • Vacation Bible School is set for 28-30 Nov. Please pray for parents to make time for their children & friends to attend. For volunteers to come forward in the committee and also to help on the actual day events. Please pray for the team led by Deborah Yap to be able to juggle this gospel project as we seek to bring Christ to even more non-Christian kids especially those from the MacPherson community.



If you are interested in finding out more about mission work or feel God’s call in this direction, please contact brother Wee Thiem Heng in person or email


Yap Kim Meng and Beow Kheng - Navigator

  • As from July, there is an 18-month runway for a younger 3-men team to learn how to take over the reins of running Navs SG. Kim Meng will step down by December 2020. Pray for God's leading & favour.
  • A team of 3 labourers sent to Sierra Leon, Africa, one for 1 month, one for 2 months & one for 6 months. Pray for protection & empowerment as they reach out with the gospel & learn to trust God in a new environment


Esther Yap  -Wycliffe

In mid-July, Esther will be going back to Bon Island for a week to meet with her team. A time to refresh their skills on the video editing & audio dubbing programming they have learned recently. She also intends to continue the study based on translated biblical stories.

  • Pray for protection & journey mercies whenever she travels long distance on the road. Pray for a fruitful time when the team meets and that the skills learned are used effectively for the extension of the kingdom, mutual encouragement and growth amongst the team members.
  • They have started to plan a facilitators training course for the latter part of this year. Esther is in charge of planning the logistics of this training course.
  • Pray for this course and for Esther as she manages the logistics.
  • Praise God for the opportunity to join the church camp in June. It was a good and refreshing time.
  • "Recently, I was impressed by Colossians 1: 9–14. In his letter to the church in Colossae, Paul wrote that he had not stopped praying for the believers there and that he gave thanks for the joy and hope they had in Christ. Certainly, there are moments in my daily life that I become discouraged to pray. But then I am reminded that I am strengthened through Christ for all endurance and patience with joy, and hope is renewed."


Ping and Heidi – Wycliffe

  • Ping and Heidi are well settled in Switzerland. Heidi’s church had helped arrange for teachers to home-school their boys to catch up on classes they missed when Heidi was sick in Indonesia. As their summer break has begun, pray that the boys are able to catch up with their school work and have a good break.
  • Ping is taking German lessons to prepare for his eventual return to Switzerland as required by the government. Ping was given opportunities to preach in church and to do some design work for the church while Heidi attends weekly bible study with her church.
  • Pray that the children are able to integrate into the school system as intended for their return to Switzerland. Pray that God would raise a home school teacher for the children in Indonesia as the couple is keen to return to Indonesia next week to continue their work there.
  • Pray for the Lord’s guidance for the Leongs’ ministry as they wait upon Him for direction in their next phase of ministry.


Fedora Teong – OMF Thailand

  • Fedora works with the children from the PPP slum and has been bringing three children to church each week. The children being from difficult back grounds are often left on their own and hence exposed to sex predators preying on such kids. Pray that the community leaders and team through friendship are able to influence and guide the children positively and for God’s protection to the little ones.
  • After about 7 months of regular visitations to 3 communities, some rather good relationships with some of the children and adults were formed. Praise God for His enablement in this and that Fedora and her team will be able to speak more directly into their lives and especially about their beliefs and the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that their regular visits to the slums will continue to open doors for them to tell others about Christ.
  • Pray that Thais will not just be interested in receiving the “good things” in life but the ultimate blessing - reconciliation to God through Jesus.
  • Pray that they will find appropriate means to tangibly care for the urban poor. One way is by improving their livelihood. However, many have to work from home which makes it difficult to help.
  • Fedora will be back in Singapore in the 2nd half of August for OMF finance meetings and hope to catch up with friends then.



The mission conference this year is organised by the Baptist Convention and GBC is one of the partnering churches in this conference. The conference will be held in our premises and we are helping with the logistics.

  • Pray for the speakers clarity, faithfulness to the gospel and good health so that they are able to share at the conference.
  • Pray for all who are helping in the conference.
  • Pray for the participants that God will empower us to serve Him effectively.


*For more detailed updates of our missionaries, please refer to the notice board on level 3.