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Grace Together in Prayer (30 Aug 2019)



We thank God for the recent 60th Anniversary Thanksgiving service for:

  • How God allowed the musicians, choir and various people from both EC and CC to work together in unity to give Him glory for His faithfulness to GBC over the last 60 years.
  • How the service reflected the goodness & mercy of God to GBC in spite of human weakness & failures.
  • The opportunity to reconnect again with those who have served us in the past & to see how God is at work in all their lives, wherever they are.

We continue to thank God for those who serve faithfully in the worship/AV/projection ministry and pray that they will continue to serve with joy & strength not from themselves but from the Lord.


  • Pray for the various discipling relationships formed over the past few months, that our young adults may bear much fruit and be encouraged in seeing lives changed through the knowledge of God. Thank God for the young adults who were baptized this past month, that they will continue to grow in the Word and in community.




  • Thank God for preparing more young leaders to teach His Word, and for the conviction to step up to the plate to serve His body this way. Thank God for Matthew Seah and Kagen who taught heavy passages from Rom 8-9 faithfully, effectively & sincerely, and continue to pray for Nat and Joshua as they prepare to teach in the coming months. Pray that our young adults will have a high view of Scripture, and will spend time intentionally daily in the Word, that God may reveal more & more of Himself and change us to love holiness.


As we go through 1 Thessalonians, pray that the youth: 

  • will be reassured that the gospel that has come to them is genuine because it produces real transformation & because it comes from Paul, who is genuine.
  • will then do everything that they are doing more & more, that their work of faith & labour of love & endurance of hope will be amplified & will abound more & more. 
  • specifically, that our youth will pursue sanctification & brotherly love & live as those who belong to the day of the Lord.

As we study the book of Judges, we will see what kind of king we don’t need and to see Jesus as our King and Saviour.


Our CGs strive to be groups where we are communities on gospel mission together. We are currently studying Paul's Letter to the Romans for 2019, seeking to apply the Bible to our lives together.

  • Give thanks for the Biblical Counselling Seminar on 23-24 Aug (The Compelling Community: Bearing One Another's Burdens) where many CG Leaders attended. Pray for fruit from the seminar as we seek to speak scriptural truth in love to help one another grow to Christ-likeness.
  • Pray for God's equipping & empowering for our CG leaders as we continue our studies in Paul's Letter to the Romans for the rest of 2019. Pray that our CG Leaders shepherd our CGs wisely.
  • Pray for our Workshop on Saturday 21 September 2019 as we seek God's leading for CG Ministry plans for 2020.




  • Pray for wisdom & patience for the many young adults following up with new friends & visitors, that they will do so faithfully & well. Pray for willing and humble hearts to respond as God calls more to Himself through His people.


  • We want to thank the young adults who took time out to prepare a children’s program for the anniversary helping them to understand the blessing of our church.
  • We pray for good weather for the upcoming movie night on Saturday, Sept 7 (430-830pm) so that the parents, teachers & children can have a good time of fellowship.




Pray for the evangelism event on 28 Sept 2019, where we will be discussing the topic of Identity. Pray for the YAs leading the event and the panelists speaking, that they will have wisdom to tackle the topic in a mature, balanced, meaningful and approachable way. Pray for many of them as they put the event together while juggling work and school. Pray for boldness and opportunities as people consider who they can bring to the event.


The Compassion Ministry at GBC seeks to love & serve our neighbours and to make friends so that we can tell our friends about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Gladiolus Place- Give thanks for the women who faithfully prepare dinner for the Gladiolus Place girls every last Tuesday evening of the month. Pray for God's sustaining grace for the women and for their outreach to the girls - may they be able to share the love of Jesus Christ in service and the gospel of Jesus Christ in their conversations. Pray for the Staff at Gladiolus Place as they prepare for an audit by the Ministry of Social and Family Development this coming week. Pray for God's favour.
  • Tuition Ministry. Give thanks for the teachers who sacrificially give of their time on Wednesday evenings to serve the children by helping them with their homework. Pray for God's strength and joy as they faithfully serve. Pray for opportunities for the teachers to build friendships with the children and their families so that they can talk about Jesus Christ.
  • Gracehaven. Pray for our monthly Family Service where the gospel is proclaimed. Pray that the children will have open & receptive hearts. Give thanks for the outing to Kampong Glam that took place on Sat 17 Aug. Pray for the strengthening of friendships with the children so that we can speak to them about Jesus Christ.
  • Give thanks for the opportunities to serve & love the elderly in MacPherson Neighbourhood. Give thanks for the handful of volunteers who have responded to the opportunity. Pray for more from GBC to help in this area. Pray for God's wisdom, as we love & serve our elderly neighbours, for the building of friendships & bridges for the gospel. Pray also for God's leading as we explore other possibilities to serve the elderly in the MacPherson neighbourhood so that more might come to know of the gospel & love of Jesus Christ.


Vacation bible school – pray for our camp director Deborah to draw strength from God in the midst of her busy schedule to plan and roll out the various phases of VBS.  The next phase will be publicity, registration and recruitment for helpers.  Pray for willing hands & hearts to give of our best to God & let Him do the mighty work in the hearts of all involved.


If you are interested in finding out more about mission work or feel God’s call in this direction, please contact brother Wee Thiem Heng in person or email


Switzerland Updates:

Ping is in his second week of German language studies. He aims to be fluent enough not only to get a resident/working visa but also to be able to teach the Bible eventually.

  • Pray for Ping's ability to learn the language well and God's guidance & providence towards this family for the direction of their long term ministry.
  • The boys have started school & are enjoying it very much. They take a public bus to another town and then walk about 20 minutes with their friends to school. Continue to pray for the children's immersion in the school system, that the Lord will bring Christian friends into their midst to encourage mutual growth & that the boys can also be witnesses for Christ in school.
  • Heidi has a meeting with the board of directors of Wycliffe Switzerland. An Indonesian lady from SIL will be visiting & meeting with them to share & discuss about ministry. Pray for a positive outcome & that their ministry will have a clear direction from the Lord.
  • Pray for God's provision of a good homeschool teacher when the Leongs return to Indonesia early next year.
  • Pray that the family will continue to be filled with God’s Word.


Pray for Deborah's health as she has of late been feeling a general sense of fatigue. She has done a recent health check which advised her to adjust her diet. Due to where she is located, there is limited access to balanced nutrition. Please pray for her health to improve with the right food intake.


*For more detailed updates of our missionaries, please refer to the notice board on level 3.