Grace Together in Prayer (31 May 2019)




AV Sound Training

We thank God for the recent AV sound training where AV team members from both EC and CC benefited greatly from the professional training on sound adjustment, equalization & SOPs for running the worship services every week. 

  • Pray that the skills picked up will be used to enhance sound & provide a more conducive environment for worship.

60th Anniversary Combined Service.

  • Please continue to pray for the 60th anniversary worship service planning from both the EC and CC that they will work well together in unity to bring glory to God and to give thanks to Him for his faithfulness over the past 60 years.
  • Pray for the combined EC and CC choir which will be formed and that the songs they present will be a fragrant offering of praise unto the Lord.   

Worship Team

  • Please continue to pray for the whole team as they serve every Sunday that they will do so with joy & unity that can only be found in Jesus Christ.


CHURCH CAMP 2019 (12 – 15 JUNE 2019)

  • Pray for safety for all campers as they prepare to attend the camp.  Some are less mobile, that they would be able to cope at the camp.
  • Pray for the camp committee as they finalise their coordinaton with the hotel & all preparations prior to the camp.



  • Thank God for the 14 young adults that have come through our doors in the past month. Pray for them in their various stages of life - some new Christians, some leaving churches, and others looking for a church to sink roots in and grow. Pray for wisdom and patience for some of the young adults who are following up with them that they will do that faithfully & well, and that God will stir hearts to long to know Him and His people. 



  • Pray for the ministry as the teachers meet on 2 June to discuss the vision for the ministry.
  • Pray for the ministry as we seek God’s wisdom on how to minister to children, parents and teachers.
  • Pray that God also opens avenues for the community to come alongside the ministry in making disciples of these children.



Our CGs strive to be groups where the truths of Scripture can be applied in community, and where we are on gospel mission together. We are currently studying Paul's Letter to the Romans for 2019.

  • Give thanks for CG Leaders who faithfully attend Equip and CLOBs, and who with care lead and shepherd their respective CGs.
  • Pray for members of CGs that they will find a community that both encourage & challenge them to grow to Christ-likeness.
  • Pray for our CGs to be also communities that are on gospel mission together.
  • Pray for the ministry as we review what we are doing, so that we can better equip & raise leaders, shepherd the CG Leaders better and care for both existing and new members well.
  • Pray for a time of rest as we take a break in June. Pray that during this time, informal meet-ups between members of our CGs will take place as we continue to strengthen relationships with one another in our CGs & church.




  • Pray for the young adults that we will learn and learn afresh to love God’s word, and to see it not as a burden but exactly as it is - a speaking God revealing Himself through written word. Pray that we will run to the Word in every season of our lives and in every situation, and that it will shape our convictions to love God and love each other.



  • Thanksgiving for our youth who have just come through their mid-year exams.
  • Prayer for the youth, that they would honour God with their time during their June holidays.
  • Prayer for the leaders as we start the transition of the youth ministry from Sam to Nathan.




  • Pray for the young adults as we continue to seek to grow as Christians together. We thank God for the gatherings in May that helped us engage with other young adults outside our usual safe social circles, and for the deep conversations that continued long into the evening. Pray that we will continue to strive for holiness as we strive to live out the gospel and die to self as we seek to serve & encourage & love each other for the sake of the gospel.



  • Several Elders will be sharing their testimonies with the children during the school holidays. We hope that the children can see the Word alive & acting in the lives of others and be inspired by our God. We also want the children to feel like they are part of a broader community in church.




  • As we continue diving deep into Romans, pray for the YAs that we will seek to apply this radical gospel in every context, and hold out the wonderful hope of a resurrected Christ to all around us. As we consider the opportunities to share the gospel with our friends, family & colleagues, pray that we will be so convicted of the love that we have received in Christ that we will want to share that same love with our friends.



The Compassion Ministry at GBC hopes to love & serve our neighbours & to make friends so that we can tell our friends about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Give thanks for our ministry to Gladiolus Place- we have a good movie outing with the girls on Saturday 18 May (organized by Kong and Mel). Pray for fruit from that event. Pray also as the Gladiolus Place girls (together with their staff and 5 interns) come over to GBC for the day on Monday 3 June. Pray for the good building of friendships.
  • Pray for our Tuition Ministry. We will be taking a break for the month of June. Give thanks for the faithful service of our teachers. Pray that God will give them rest & a refreshing break so that they can once again take up the ministry of homework support to the children come July.
  • Pray for our outreach to GraceHaven. Pray for our monthly Family Service where the gospel is declared. Pray that the children will have open & receptive hearts. Pray also for our once every two months outings (resuming in July). Pray for the strengthening of friendships with the children.
  • Give thanks for our Compassion Ministry talk on Sunday 26 May. Pray for the follow-up with LoveAid as we seek to explore ministry opportunities to the Elderly in our Macpherson neighbourhood. Pray for God's leading as we seek to find ways to love and serve our neighbours and to build friendships.



Fedora Teong - OMF

  • Praise God that a new Thai co-worker, Mr. M, has just joined Fedora’s team. He has had some experience in urban poor ministry. Please pray for good teamwork. 
  • Since Mr. M joined them, one particular slum community leader has shown a keener interest in their team’s ministry (Kids’ Club and visitation of especially the elderly). They have just been sitting under a tree on picnic mats for the Kids’ Club but this community leader has promised to let them use the community centre. This is great because they are now entering the rainy season.
  • Please pray for patience & wisdom as they interact with the youth. The youth have many issues, especially struggling with identity. Please pray for good spiritual conversations to take place and that the youth and even their guardians will trust us more. 
  • For the Thai Bible study, please pray for commitment of all involved. They will be focusing on preparing a new believer, Mr. C for baptism. He doesn’t read/write so please pray that Mr. M will find appropriate means to disciple Mr. C. Please also pray for the other 3 Thai staff who have come up with many reasons not to join us.
  • Please pray for good time management & energy especially since Fedora has just started an English conversation class at her Thai church this month. She is occupied so that’s great though! 


Ping and Heidi Leong - Wycliffe

  • Sarah, the family’s home school tutor has been diagnosed with cancer & has left home  for treatment. Therefore the Leongs have planned to return to Switzerland early so that their children can prepare for their immersion when the Swiss school starts on 1st August (Heidi is Swiss & the children are on the Swiss school system).
  • They will continue their work while they are in Switzerland till end of January when the school term stops.
  • Pray for Sarah that God's healing hands be upon her.
  • As the family returns to Switzerland, pray that the children are able to adjust to their immersion programme and the Leong translation work can continue smoothly and effectively.
  • Pray for good health & protection for the family as they move to a new environment in the next 8 months.


Deborah Teo - PKH (Trang)

  • Thank God for seeing all of them through a very challenging & eventful April 2019. April 2019 marked a significant milestone of bottleneck for PKH Trang. So much happening & challenges: heat wave & health challenges. By God’s Grace, most of us have deepened our walk with God.
  • Thank God for Volunteer Eadoin Lock, a pre-University student, who had given a month service to the Centre.   
  • Praise God for the Big Family of PKH. On 5-April, thirteen PKH ex-students who are currently working, paid PKH Trang a visit, bringing gifts & word of exhortation to the little ones.
  • Thank God for the friendship & partnership established with SIT (Singapore Institute of Technology) since 2015. This year, there were 16 SIT Students (and a staff) who had given 10 days of their University vacation to do Service Learning & Community Work with PKH Trang.
  • Thanks to the ISC Team led by Tr Souvuth. Another new drinking water system had been installed for the Community in Trang. Tooth Brushing Counters had also been erected to encourage Oral Hygiene. Thanks to the contribution  by the SIT team.
  • Praise God for the Continuing Education Programme for Trang Students. Currently there are 5 Trang students pursuing ISC Course in Aoral PKH & one girl in PKH Charbamon in the new Academic Year of 2019. These 6 ex-students are very happy in their learning journey. Thanks to the support rendered.
  • The 6 Student Guardians (SG) or Disciples are doing well in their learning journey too. 3 of them are doing their Grade 10 Course in Aoral High School, 2 are in their Grade 9 with CharEn Secondary and one is in Aoral ISC Course.        
  • Thank you for praying against the spirit of gambling. The gambling “den”’ had ceased operating.
  • Continue to uphold every staff in prayer. Apparently the Enemy has been sowing seeds of discord among the staff team through some talebearers. 
  • Pray for the students. Some are compelled to quit schooling because of their family’s financial constraint. More than 10 female students had to discontinue learning because their family needs extra cash.
  • Continue to pray for the SIT team who had returned to Singapore on 5-May. Among the 17 members, 6 are believers. Pray for the salvation of the pre-believers.   


Esther Yap – Wycliffe

  • In April Esther spent a week at Paka village on Bon Island. She stayed with her team and spent the time discussing their team’s goals & plans for the coming months. They tried to identify helps & challenges that they will encounter in the course of their work. It may seem minor, but irregular electricity, water shortage & limited transportation can easily set them back despite their best planning. They also realized that there were things they could do with the help and talents of others.
  • Pray that God will raise up the people they need when the time calls for it (just as He did for Moses in Exodus 31).
  • In May Esther spent three weeks in two different villages. She has made a trip to Paka again to meet her team and check on the progress of books they are producing that can be used for Sunday School classes. After that, the team travelled to another district for a 2-week workshop. This time they learnt video editing & audio dubbing, as well as learn from an experienced teacher how to create materials when resources were limited.
  • Esther’s two colleagues will be returning to their home country from the middle of May until September, to pay a visit to their families and also complete a course at summer school. The next few months may look daunting in terms of the level of responsibility involved, so do pray for good management and wisdom to handle her tasks and responsibilities.
  • In the second week of June, Esther will be in Johor Bahru for four days for church camp. She is looking forward to spending time with GBC & to be recharged for the second half of the year.
  • Praise God for the generosity of friends that let her stay with them while she looked for a place to rent, and for providing a suitable home.
  • Pray that the team will be intentional in cultivating and maintaining a positive team dynamics.
  • Pray for upcoming travels & workshops at the end of the month – for safety, mutual encouragement and growth among the teams.


David and Gladys Chang - OMF

  • Thank God for guiding David through his ministry and wisdom to stop an English class for adults in a community centre which had inconsistent attendance. He can now focus his time on teaching at the Bangkok Bible Seminary which has provided opportunities for mentoring with a couple preparing for pastoral work in Northeast Thailand. David is also providing regular feedback to others on their current ministries.
  • The church David serves & worships (BCF) has just ordained two Thai Elders. God is using this church to disciple many Thais & internationals.
  • The family just celebrated Faith's 14th birthday. It is wonderful to see the Lord growing her talents & giving her more confidence. Daniel (16) is busy with sport competitions & the triplets are full of energy giving them their daily experiences in conflict management.
  • Praise God for weekly interactions with Thai students and leaders. Pray that God will use David and Gladys as humble channels of His word.
  • Praise God for opportunity for David to visit his relatives in Taiwan whom he has not visited for 13 years. Pray for safe journey, adventure & meaningful talks.
  • Mrs Chorthip, who has served as a secretary in OMF for 40 years has just passed away due to cancer. Pray for God's comfort upon the family and loved ones.
  • Praise God for the two new Thai elders. Pray for BCF to be a church community filled with God's truth & grace.
  • Pray for Glady's health to improve, for adequate rest and stress management. Praise God that He continues to supply daily grace for both in parenting five children.