Grace Together in Prayer (26 April 2019)


26 April 2019




We thank God for the recent Good Friday and Easter services where:

  • The message of Jesus’ death and resurrection was proclaimed both in word and song.
  • The 30-strong choir presented 2 anthems, acknowledging Jesus’ death on the cross and proclaiming His resurrection. 
  • The joy of serving the Lord together in unity because of the finished work of Christ was evident throughout the Easter weekend.

Please continue to pray for the worship ministry as there are a few upcoming events:

  • Sound and AV training
    1. Pray that the folks from both EC and CC can learn and benefit from the training to create a conducive environment for worship during every service.
    2. Pray for the team organizing the training that they will iron out the logistics and work well together.
  • 60th anniversary service
    1. Pray for the planning team from both CC and EC that they will work together in unity to bring glory to God during the service.
    2. Pray for preparations from the different areas of the service, including videos, music, choir and the sermon, that they will go well and that the Lord will speak through the various ministries.

 CHURCH CAMP 2019 (12 – 15 JUNE 2019)

  • Praise God for all sponsorships received for campers in need.
  • Final registration is now extended to 5th May. Pray for more to sign up. We'll have to give the hotel the numbers that are coming by then.  Some registration details are still required from campers, and we hope all these can be finalized soon, together with all camp fees. 
  • Pray for the committee as they gear up in the final stages of their planning.
  • We have a number of younger children & pray that we can find volunteers and activities that will help the children bond outside of church.


  • Pray for the young adults that as we look to actively engage & disciple each other & help each other strive for holiness, that we will likewise remember to love each other well. Pray that the love we have received will be our motivation to reach out & be involved in each others’ lives, even and especially in the messy parts.


  • We thank God that we have seen changes in some of the children. They have been taking a greater interest in class and also loving the other children through prayer.
  • We rejoice that younger teachers are growing as teachers & sharing the gospel message with the children.
  • We pray that teachers are blessed with wisdom to engage those who may seem withdrawn & draw them into the lessons and closer to God.
  • We are also looking for more volunteers for the nursery to bring the gospel to the youngest amongst us and to serve younger parents.


Our CGs strive to be groups whereby the truths of Scripture can be applied in community. We are currently studying Paul's Letter to the Romans for 2019.

  • Give thanks for CG Leaders who faithfully attend Equip & CLOBs, and who with care, lead and shepherd their respective CGs.
  • Pray for members of CGs that they may find a community that both encourages & challenges them to grow towards Christ-likeness.
  • Pray for the CG Ministry as we review what we are doing, so that we can better equip & raise leaders, shepherd the CG Leaders better & care for both existing & new members well.




  • Pray for the young adults that we will learn and learn afresh to love God’s word, and to see it not as a burden but exactly as it is - a speaking God revealing Himself through written word. Pray that we will run to the Word in every season of our lives & in every situation, and that it will shape our convictions to love God & love each other.


  • Praise that that our good God desires all to come to saving knowledge of Him - every seeker and every labourer for Christ is precious and we want to thank God for bringing both the hearers and doers.
  • Pray that God in His mercy to turn the hearts of the hearers to become followers. Pray for His words to not go back to Him empty and bear fruits. That the ministry labourers may have the patience, & hopefully the privilege, to taste the fruits!


  • Prayer for the youth as they prepare for their mid-year examinations, as well as go through various competitions & recitals for their CCAs, that they would be able to go through them in a Christ-like manner & learn to go through these various tasks through the lens of the gospel.
  • Prayer for the leaders as many of them are going through busy seasons at school/work, that they would continue to find rest in the gospel.




  • Pray for the young adults as God brings more and more young visitors to our church. Pray that we take personal responsibility to reach out to them, and that we will be faithful in following up with them. Pray that God will soften hearts and call them to Himself through His church.


  • Pray as the various teams of teachers teach the children that they will come to support each other as teachers & brothers & sisters in Christ. To share their lives with each other & to encourage each other in their common love for the children & our God. 


  • Pray for the dinner on 30 April with the girls from Gladiolus Place. Pray for good bonding time and opportunity to share the gospel.




  • As we round out the first run of Tuesday Enquiry Group, we thank God for the visitors who have come week after week to listen and discuss various perspectives and struggles/issues they may have with the Christian faith. Pray that they will be open to follow up from the friends who brought them, and that we will hold out the gospel faithfully & trust that God will move their hearts.
  • Thank God for the evangelism event on 23rd March, and the 16 guests who attended. Pray for boldness & wisdom for the young adults to follow up with them as well, that as they consider joy & their experiences, they will have good conversations about life & God.


The Compassion Ministry at GBC hopes to love & serve our neighbours and to provide relational platforms for us to tell our friends about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Give thanks for our ministry to Gladiolus Place - that there is now a team of women who will be arranging monthly dinners and prayer time (every last Tuesday of the month) for the girls at Gladiolus Place. The first dinner starts next Tuesday 30 April. Pray for fruit from our interactions.
  • Pray for our Tuition Ministry. Give thanks for the faithful service of our teachers. Pray that God will give them sustaining grace. Pray for the children who attend - pray that God will give them open hearts for the gospel.
  • Pray for our outreach to GraceHaven. Pray for our monthly Family Service where the gospel is declared. Pray that the children will have receptive hearts. Pray also for our once every two months outings (which we will be resuming). Pray for the strengthening of friendships.
  • Pray for our next Compassion Ministry talk on Sunday 26 May. Pray for our friends at LoveAid who will be giving the talk. Pray for God's favour and grace as they serve the Macpherson Community among the children, youths, families and seniors. Pray that many in GBC will be stirred up to attend the talk and be moved to reach out to our MacPherson Community.


Esther Yap - (Wycliffe)

  • Esther is back from the one-week Scripture Engagement-related workshop! Praise God that the workshop went well! They had around 25 participants from 5 language group. On the last day, they gathered together & presented the materials they had produced throughout the workshop. In a span of 4 days, they had produced songs of praise in the local languages, as well as materials for study/Sunday School. It was encouraging to see the different groups take turns to train others in new skills such as using technical software & share ways of using materials such as Big Books to tell Bible stories. Although Esther was down with a cold and persistent cough throughout the 6-day workshop, she pulled through and was still able to participate in the workshop. 
  • Esther had moved in to her apartment with the help of her friends on 6 April.
  • There is improvement in her shoulder injury, and the pain is less now. She is still seeing a physiotherapist, but her sessions are now reduced to once every two weeks. In the meantime, there are specific exercises she has to do on her own, to strengthen the arm and shoulder muscles. 

Prayer points:

  • Praise God for providing an affordable & suitable studio apartment to rent in the capital city. 
  • Praise God that the 25-30 March’s workshop went well, and that all participants returned home safely. 
  • Praise God that her shoulder injury is improving & slowly mending. 

Deborah Teo - PKH (Trang)

  • PKH is a unit though it is made up of 3 centres and 2 other cousin centres (which Trang is one of the centres). Together they form one BODY, PKH.
  • Dr Wee Thiem Heng from GBC led a group of 9 members to PKH between 7/4-14/4. 140 students and adults were given dental screening & treatment.  Members like Eric & Bernie taught in the centres & the rest helped as assistants during the clinic sessions.
  • Praise God that despite many challenges faced during the trip, like having to work under heat during this season (38 degrees), a broken dental chair, a dentist with swollen ankles, diarrhoea, sand fly bites, a difficult surgery....God was faithful to protect & provide for everyone's needs and the team fulfilled what they intended to do in Trang.
  • The team also visited a village in the town of Skun, Kg Cham to explore some work with the Ang Dang Trang Church. Pray for God's leading for this ministry.
  • Recently an ex-student (Nem) shared her testimony on how her family members marvelled at her influence on her siblings & the community in Trang. Nem’s reply to her relatives was as follows:

“There is power in my words because I have Jesus in my heart”  

  • PKH Trang rejoices with our Brother Prak Samkhann, who had moved on to start his own business after acquiring much industrial skill experience in the last 5 years with the PKH family.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for God’s continual favour & love upon everyone in the PKH Trang family so that they could be a living testimony.
  • Pray against the spirit of gambling. Recently there is a new “den” in the community. Many villagers and even PKH students are patronizing it.
  • PKH would continue to shine as a beacon of light to this “internet penetrated” village. This community is very much influenced by the high technology of the mass media.