Grace Together in Prayer


30 November 2018



  • GBC’s theme for 2019 is GRACE TOGETHER. Let’s give thanks for how God has made us one, and pray that we will be obedient in living out the unity that we enjoy in Christ. Pray that our life together will be “worthy of the gospel”, as we “with one mind strive side by side for the faith of the gospel” (Php. 1:27).
  • Pray that GBC will continue to foster a CULTURE OF ENCOURAGEMENT AND DISCIPLESHIP. Pray that we will continue building deeper, Christ-centred relationships with one another, and that we will be intentional about speaking God’s truth in love to one another.
  • Pray 1 Peter 5:1-4 for the ELDERS, that God will grant them strength and wisdom to love and shepherd faithfully. Pray that they will have the courage to lead according to God’s word. Pray that the members of GBC will respond to the elders with humility (1 Pet. 5:5).
  • Pray for God to raise up from among us servant-hearted men and women, who will be willing to serve as DEACONS to care for the practical needs of the church.
  • We thank God for the REFORMATION CONCERT on the 28 October. 
    • For the over 650 attendees, many of whom were guests invited by our members.
    • For how the church has worked together in a project to glorify God and make His name known.
    • For the many gospel opportunities which God has provided through this effort.
    • For the thanksgiving & reflection luncheon last week where many shared about what God did and is doing in their lives through this effort.
    • Continue to pray for the seed that is sown in this concert that it may bear much fruit for the gospel.
  • Please pray also for the upcoming CHRISTMAS SERVICE where the choir will be presenting an item and also leading the congregational singing. 
    • For the practices that it may go well, especially during this holiday season where many will be away for some time. 
    • That the service will be one that points us to reason for the season, which is Christ and to celebrate the birth of our Saviour in a way which honours Him and gives Him the glory.
    • For opportunites for members to invite their family and friends to the service and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ as we celebrate His birth. 
  • Pray for the YOUTHS to know and follow Jesus. Pray for the youth camp next month. The camp theme is Growing Together, and the talks will focus on what the Bible says about the church. All GBCers are invited to the camp finale on Saturday, Dec 22 to help us and the youths know one another better.
  • Pray for the YOUNG ADULTS whom you know personally, that they will respond/continue to respond to God's call to them to know Him and His Son. Pray that in this season of their lives, they will form deep convictions grounded in God's word, that they may know what they believe clearly and that these convictions will shape their lives and their decisions about time, money and energy.
  • Pray for the YOUNG ADULT LEADERS as we evaluate plans for the new year, that we will be loving, focused & prudent in raising new leaders to step up in ministry. Pray that God will guard our hearts from pride and give us bigger hearts to love supernaturally and reach out to our friends, both inside and outside the church.
  • Pray for the CHURCH CAMP 2019 (12-15 June 2019)        
    • Pray that the camp will encourage spiritual growth and unity and foster deeper relationships among participants.
    • Pray for more GBCers to sign up. Registrations will start soon.
    • Pray for the camp team to have wisdom and strength as they plan and organize the camp. 
    • Pray for safety and good weather as the final recce team visits the hotel.   



  • Pray that we will be attentive hearers and active doers of God’s word. Pray that the recently concluded sermon series on 1 John will bear good fruit in us. May God’s word convict, challenge, comfort and compel us to grow more like Christ.
  • Pray for EQUIP next year. Pray for fruit as GBCers gather on the second Saturday of every month to be trained together to understand, apply and teach God’s word. Pray for deeper discipleship relationships and ministry partnerships to form as GBCers learn together about how to trust and obey God’s word in all of life.
  • Pray that our CARE GROUPS will grow deeper in the word together. Pray for stronger discipling relationships to form among CG members, as they grow in God’s truth. Thank God for TWO NEW CGs that will be starting in January 2019: Gerald and Jo Keow (Upper Thomson area); Sidney and Andrea/Aaron and Shermaine (Queenstown area). Pray that God will bring people to these groups and enable them to form a committed core of relationships.
  • Praise and thanksgiving to God for His faithfulness in seeing us through this year's CHILDREN’S MINISTRY curriculum - To be like Jesus and Jesus, What a Saviour! Pray that God's word will continue to grow and take root in children's hearts as they spend time with their parents reviewing the lessons enjoying His Word. Pray for December lessons on four stories about individuals who pre-figure Christ, pointing to the fulfillment of the coming of the true Saviour. Pray for clarity and wisdom in delivering the lesson for the teachers and the team, that children will be excited and gain new insight in understanding the story.



  • Pray JOHN 17:17-23 for our church. Pray that we will be deliberate about building loving relationships with one another that cut across social and demographic lines. Pray for deeper relationships to form among GBC’s members, regardless of age or life season (single, married, kids/no kids, youth, young adult, students, working, retired, etc.). Pray that our CARE GROUPS will increasingly reflect such diversity in unity.
  • Pray for GBC members who are absent, irregular or disconnected. Pray for God to help them be more engaged with a community of believers. Pray that we will be more intentional about lovingly reaching out to them and helping them get connected.
  • Pray God will continue to sustain and strengthen our MARRIAGES AND FAMILIES. Pray Ephesians 5:22-33 for the husbands and wives among us. Pray for the couples who will be getting married in December: Li Heng and Eunice, Kevin and Samantha. May God’s grace fill them with joy and love as they begin life as newlyweds. Pray Ephesians 6:1-4 for the parents and children in our midst. Pray for parents to be patient in pointing their children to Christ. Pray for God to turn our children’s hearts to His Son.
  • Pray for the YOUNG ADULTS as God brings more and more young visitors and visitors with children to our church. We thank God for the many who have been responsive and are keen to get involved in church, but we also pray for the many others who are still on the fence and undecided. Pray that we will be faithful in following up with them, and that God will soften hearts and bring them to Him.
  • Thanksgiving to God for fruitful CHILDREN’S MINISTRY teachers meeting last Saturday. Pray for 2019, to be a year of building a vibrant community life among teachers, children and parents in and outside Children's Ministry. Pray for a good refreshing break for teachers and sweet bonding with their families.



  • Pray for PERSONAL EVANGELISM during the Christmas season. Pray for opportunities and boldness to share the gospel with our family and friends.
  • Pray for gospel fruit as non-Christians attend our worship services during the Christmas season. May God open hearts to hear what His word says about Jesus. Pray that the gospel will be faithfully and clearly proclaimed.
  • Pray for GBCers to be faithful witnesses in their schools and workplaces, as they reflect Christ and speak of Him to their friends and colleagues.
  • Thanksgivings for the recent outing to Coney Island on 17 November:
    • The well prepared and meaningful sharing by Wei Quan;
    • The gathering of participants from GBC, staff and children.
  • Pray for wisdom for us to continue this ministry next year as guided by God to minister to the staff and children of Gracehaven.
  • Pray for our outreach to GLADIOLUS PLACE
    • A good holiday break for all teachers and students.
    • God's guidance & wisdom for this ministry in 2019.
    • Thanksgiving that all children are promoted to the next level.
  • Thanksgiving to God for seeing through the second run of the TUESDAY ENQUIRY GROUP (28 weeks total). We praise God for the faithfulness of volunteers who came tirelessly to share the gospel with visitors, and for the positive response. Pray for the leaders who are exploring new ideas and adjustments how to make the programme more effective in 2019. Pray for God’s Spirit to work in the hearts of the dozen or so non-Christian visitors who came between September - November. Pray that He will stir their hearts to keep in touch with the church and one day, respond to the gospel. Pray also for those who brought these friends - Sam, Rachelle, Keely, Pearl, Emily, that they will be faithful and continue sharing the gospel with them.
  • Pray especially for visitors who showed strong interest in the gospel and are being followed up further. Pray that their hearts will be awakened to grace and that our leaders will respond with wisdom and skill.
  • Pray for the SEEK AND DISCOVER GROUP that meets on Sundays. We are thankful for how God has brought a number of participants to hear the gospel. Pray for God to lead them to repentance and faith in Christ. Pray for wisdom as the team plans for 2019.
  • Thank God for blessing the YA EVANGELISM EVENT in November - the event ran smoothly and a total of 60 people attended, of which we had 20 non-Christian friends. The gospel was held out simply and earnestly through sharing from our young adults, and some of their friends who attended have also come to church. Pray that God will stir in their hearts a desire to know His deep love for them through the gospel, and that our young adults will be faithful, patient and wise as they follow up with them.
  • Pray for MISSIONS
    • At present Barnabas is planning for the Urbana Student Missions conference.
    • Pray for Barnabas as he seeks the Lord for direction & to focus on his studies after the conference.
    • Pray that they are able to find a keynote speaker for the Urbana Student Conference as the main speaker is not able to attend.
    • We have received the update from Ping regarding the proposed change of plans.
    • Sarah, the childrens’ home school teacher from Switzerland has decided to extend her stay in Indonesia for another six months. They would not need to return to Switzerland in February 2019 but in July 2019 instead.
    • The boys really enjoy being taught by Sarah. Sarah is Swiss and finishing up Teachers College in two years. So, this one year of being with them will be a good experience for her before she returns to school in August 2019.
    • This is really wonderful news as Heidi and Ping are in in the middle of a few crucial stages in ministry as their goals for the next year are to publish the translated books of Ruth and Esther into mobile apps, sort out the Saluan grammar and keep learning Saluan.
    • We thank God for His perfect plan for Sarah to have an opportunity to teach in the field while she is going through training, Ping and Heidi’s work for not being disrupted and the boys having an opportunity to interact with a Swiss teacher before needing to integrate in Swiss school later next year.
    • Pray for the Chang family as they labour in Thailand and that God’s hand be upon this family. Pray for strength and His protection and healing for all ailments that any family member encounters so that God’s work will not be disrupted as we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12)