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Grace Together - GBC Camp 2019

Jonathan Tan, one of the organising committee members for this year's church camp, shares with us more about this year's camp. Registration for the camp starts only this Sunday but you can sign up online now, read on to find out how!

Can you explain the theme and focus for this year’s camp? What can members expect to experience?

The theme for this year's church camp is "Grace Together" and the focus is for us, as recipients of God's grace, to truly get to know one another and envision what kind of church we want to be together. Apart from Bible talks, you will also have the opportunity to discuss and imagine church life together. It will be like a big family conference which will certainly be different from past camps.

Who are currently serving in this ministry and what is one major personal discouragement, and one major personal encouragement to you in the course of this ministry?

The committee currently consists of Colin Soh, George Yeo, Pastor Ollie, Serena Khoo, Joel Tang, Thomas Chong, Martin Chan, Mok Chuan Hao, Kagen Lim and Stanley Yin. One major encouragement is the Elders oversight and involvement in this years planning. It has been encouraging to have direction and guidance in this whole process. No real discouragement to note but Kiyoko and I will not be able to attend as our baby is estimated to be due on the first week of June!

Why should new members of the church take part in the camp? Why is it important for all members (new and old) to attend the camp?

Church camp is a great way to forge new and deepen old relationships in church. If we, the church, are truly undeserved recipients of God's grace, we should really treasure that blessing and love how He includes us. Part of that should surely mean to set aside time apart from our normal routines to get to know those God has given us. This holds true for both new and old members.

I remember attending church camp back when I was still dating Kiyoko. I wasn't a GBC member yet, but I remember my morning devotionals with Chris Kho, lunch conversations with Uncle George Yeo and thoughtful post-sermon discussions with Uncle Poh Gee. The love and acceptance shown to me, a then "outsider", gave me a glimpse of the beauty of God's church.

Share with us one way we can pray for the camp, and also one way we can be encouragers to the camp committee as they serve in this ministry.

Please pray that people would genuinely want to come to the camp and be open to intentionally participate in the shaping of GBC. A great way to help the committee is to encourage others to join and spread the word! Also, there may be those amongst us who might have difficulty travelling up to Johor Bahru, so another great way to help the church is to avail transportation to them.

Is the camp open to non GBC members? How can we sign up for the camp?

The camp is most certainly open to non-members. We welcome you to come get to know us and for us to know more of you! 

Sign-ups and payment for the camp can be done at the Church Camp booth in the Fellowship Hall after service starting 13th Jan. Alternatively, you can also sign-up online at: https://tinyurl.com/gbcgracetogether

Sign-up soon as registration will only be open for 4 weeks!