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Grace News Issue #4 2015 - Commitment: In for the Long Haul

Grace News Issue #4 2015

The October 2015 issue of Grace News focuses on commitment: an old-fashioned concept in the eyes of the world, yet one that bears closer inspection for Christians. We tend to assume that commitment is a virtue, but it all depends on the direction of our commitment: what if I am committed to being lazy, or ensuring an easy life for myself? Furthermore, commitment to a cause or an interest can make a person excessively driven or even obsessed, with unhealthy consequences. But there is one kind of commitment we can never have too much of, and that is commitment to God.

On page 1 Pastor Arnold reminds us that this kind of commitment is scary but absolutely necessary, because we will face challenges that will test our resolve and reveal the true nature of our faith. Once again we find a role model in Jesus, who was totally committed to the cross and never wavered. How might we make a public confession of this inner commitment? For many of us, this comes at our baptism. On page 2 Li Shiwei writes about his personal journey towards baptism and how it reveals both his commitment to God and to the people of God around him.

Are you someone whose eyes glaze over when you hear the words ‘disciple-making’? Do not despair: read page 3, where Yap Kim Meng shows us how to disciple others in a natural and unforced manner, just by showing friendship to those God puts in our path. On page 4 you can read how five of our church members view their commitment to GBC in times past, present and future, while on page 5 Tan Yee Kiat asks whether the cornucopia of choices available to us in our day leaves us reluctant or unable to make commitments. Esther Yap is an example of someone who has made a clear choice in favour of commitment to God. You can read her testimony on page 7.

The photos of church events on pages 6 and 7 remind us of all the exciting activities we have been up to over the last three months. Finally, turn to page 8 for Aaron Lum’s appreciation of the modern-day hymn O Church, Arise, all four verses of which point us to commitment to Christ.

What is our faith worth, without commitment? Would we give up at the first sign of opposition or persecution? Let us follow God wholeheartedly and not count the cost until our race is finished.


The Editorial Team


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