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God is For Us

Why can we be so certain that God is for us? Pastor Eugene tells us more.

“No man can read it too often or study it too well. For the more it is studied, the easier it is. The more it is chewed, the pleasanter it is. And the more it is searched, the more precious things are found in it." English Reformer William Tyndale, who translated the Bible into English, wrote these words in 1534 about the Book of Romans. Indeed, this New Testament letter is a treasure trove of gospel riches.  

In the rough and tumble of life, we can easily lose sight of the wonders of our salvation through Jesus Christ. Trials can cause us to become disappointed, doubtful and discouraged. Only the balm of the gospel can refresh our weary hearts.  

There are plenty of deep theological truths that we can glean from Romans. But at the core of the book is this simple, but profound truth that we would do well to take to heart: God is for us. And why can we be so certain about this? It is because God has shown His perfect righteousness and love through the death and resurrection of His beloved Son. Therefore if we are in Christ, we can be fully assured that God is for us, and that nothing can separate us from God’s love.  

God is for us. We need to allow this truth to sink deep into our hearts, and overflow into every part of our lives. Husbands and wives, you can faithfully love each other because God is for you. Parents, you have the resources to raise your children in the ways of the Lord, because God is for you. And even if our children stray, our hope in Christ remains unshaken—God is still for us. In the midst of trials and suffering or weakness and illness, we can be strengthened by the truth that God is for us.  

Let’s also speak this wonderful truth to one another. On my own, I’m prone to forget. My circumstances can obscure my view of the Saviour. I need other believers to remind me of God’s goodness and faithfulness. May the truth that God is for us permeate our ordinary conversations with one another!  

So as we continue our sermon series in Romans, I pray that God will help us to see more of His glorious goodness. May the gospel encourage our hearts and move us to trust in Christ even more!  

This Sunday, we will be hearing from Romans 3:27-31 concerning true humility. Let’s prepare our hearts to hear God’s Word.

In addition, there will be a talk on our compassion ministry to Gladiolus Place at 11am. Do join us to find out how we can show Christ’s love to the surrounding community.  

Looking ahead, please save the date for the upcoming Marriage Retreat on May 1. At this day-long retreat, we will learn through talks, testimonies and small-group discussion about how God is leading us through marriage towards Christ. This retreat is for all married couples, regardless of how long you've been married. It is also open to engaged couples who would like to prepare for married life.