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God Became Flesh - a Devotional Guide for Advent 2018

This Sunday marks the start of Advent in the traditional liturgical calendar. Below is a devotional guide written by Dr Poulson and Dr Koh Siang Kiang for Advent as we set apart this season to remember and celebrate the coming of Christ.


GOD Became Flesh

The English word, 'Advent', means ‘the arrival of an eagerly expected important person or event’.

By far the most important Person to ever come into the world was God Himself. His coming was repeatedly predicted by Old Testament Prophets; and was keenly anticipated by people of faith.

The implications of that Advent are so significant that Christians consider it necessary to be often reminded by a day or season of celebration. The precise time of Jesus’ birth is open to much discussion. The long-time practice of worship and festivity on 25th December is strictly a matter of tradition and not in harmony with the descriptions found in New Testament Scripture. Even the year dividing BC/AD is a miscalculation; but quite obviously, the historical event is far more important than the date.

By the sixth century of the Christian era, the churches set apart a season for preparation and praise beginning on the 4th Sunday before Christmas. Not surprisingly, this season is known as ADVENT.

This devotional guide will follow the traditional liturgical dating, and will focus our attention on the descriptive Names and Titles of the One Who became flesh and dwelt among men. 

“God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name….” Philippians 2:9


(The above is taken from the Introduction of the devotional guide.)