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GBC Reformation 2016: A final update

On the 28 and 29 Oct, 900 people attended our Reformation Concert and heard the story of Jesus in Scripture. As part of the fundraising effort we have contributed more than $70,000 to the cause of rebuilding. We have heard many wonderful responses and positive feedback about the concert.

We are humbled and grateful to God for His amazing provision, kindness and grace to us. Reformation Concert 2016 concert in numbers

We would like to express special thanks to all of the:

  • singers and musicians,
  • helpers for ushering and carpark,
  • front desk,
  • sound,
  • recording,
  • marketing,
  • administration,
  • children’s involvement,
  • and logistics,
  • as well as the families of all for being supportive and understanding during the last 3 months.

We have been so encouraged to see the church come together on an unprecedented scale, and the way that members have reached out to support and encourage one another, building each other up in love, has been such a blessing to witness. The entire team has displayed the tenacity, patience, graciousness, and single-mindedness of Christ through this project.

Thanks also to all church members who were supportive, prayed for us, invited friends and enthusiastically sold tickets. We would like to also thank related ministries for their support for the entire effort, including the pulpit, children’s, Discipleship Seminars, and worship ministries.

Our prayer is that the church would be built up, that the lost would be saved, and that God would be glorified.

As this Reformation Sunday marks the 499 th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, let us say soli Deo gloria – glory to God alone!