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Friday Prayer Meeting for 26 August 2016

Prayer Meeting

(26 August 2016)

Prayer Points


I. Ladies Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- Thank God for the ladies who lead faithfully at our ladies Bible classes. Please pray for God’s continuing favour, wisdom & guidance upon them, granting them the joy to serve Him as well.

- Pray for our upcoming floral arrangement event on 27 August. Pray for Winnie, Belinda & Pang Yoke who will be organising the program. Please pray that it will be a good time for the ladies to bond & share with one another. May they be blessed & encouraged by their time spent together.


II. Young Adult Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- We give thanks for the very busy calendar in the month of August -- all the ministry planning, writing & training that has been done. Praise God for a very busy & fruitful ministry month.

- Pray for the YA retreat in September -- that the YA who attend will be deeply impacted by the preaching on the Christian's inner life abiding in Christ. Pray for the preachers, workshop leaders & lunchtime talk leaders who are helping to make disciples.

- Pray for the various YA leaders who make time to disciple & teach our young people. Pray for their spiritual protection against busyness & stress, and for a vibrant personal faith.

- Pray for R, a 19 year old NSF who is being evangelized through Bible study with a YA leader and another GBC young adult. Pray that he will come to know the Lord as Savior & integrate at GBC.

- Pray for the new training tracks that the YA are launching in August -- one on Bible study leading & another on Discipleship 102 (discipling new believers). Pray that the training be helpful for ministry.

- Pray for the second print of our Gospel Primer, which is an in-house written book designed to help people do evangelistic Bible studies. Pray for many to receive Christ through this effort.


III. Discipleship Seminars Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- We thank God for our evening dialogue with Dr Craig Blomberg on 5 Aug 2016. (This was one of the quarterly seminars where we invite seminary professors to teach us.) The evening was informative as Dr Blomberg helped us understand why the Gospels are historically reliable and helped us deal with thorny questions we had. Please also pray for us as we plan for our next quarterly seminar.

- We also thank God for our recently completed module on the Gospel of Luke where we focused on the themes of the Mission & the Kingdom of God, in collaboration with GBC's Great Commission Month. We ask for prayer for (a) David Koh and Matthew Koh as they teach the next module on the Acts of the Apostles (14 Aug - 11 Sep), (b) the elders and other teachers who lead the Essentials of Discipleship module.

- In support of the Worship ministry's fundraising concert, the DS team is planning to offer a 3-session module on the "The Story of Jesus" in October. Please pray for us while we plan the module.

- We thank God for providing His servants to teach the DS classes and to do the logistics and planning behind the scenes. Please pray for God's guidance and wisdom to further build up and renew the Discipleship Seminars team.


IV. Evangelism

Prayer & Praise:

- Thanksgiving for the co-operation and help from brothers & sisters who put together the presentation items & sharing during the Great Commission Month. We pray that God will ignite the passion of GBC members to love God and people around them. The joy of receiving the free gift of eternal life cannot be contained but overflow to those around them and to the end of the earth.

- We are also thankful for the Care Groups who helped with the Evangelism Survey. Thus far, more than 50 survey forms have been received by the E-team. Pray for wisdom for the E-Team to collate & discern the help and encouragement needed by GBC members to grow and be more effective in their outreach effort. Pray that God will provide all resources required to equip GBC members to be His effective ambassadors who will go forth & share the Good News without reservation.


V. Children Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- Pray for the children undergoing PSLE.
- Pray that our younger & less experienced teachers will be able to learn from the more experienced teachers.


VI. Youth Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- We are thankful for the youth who continue to come every week to sit under God's Word. We are also thankful for the parents who encourage their children to attend youth group.

- Youth are entering exam season. Please be praying for us as we seek to use God's Word to address the topic of exams.

- Please be praying for our leaders who have shared some difficulties in juggling service in youth ministry with external commitments.

- Please be praying for us as we prayerfully plan for this year's youth camp. In particular, that we would be able to get a venue.


VII. Missions

David and Gladys

Prayer & Praise:

- Pray for the local church Association to be united in love & growing in God’s grace.

- Pray for godly wisdom to continue leading the OMF team & mentoring leaders.

- Pray for seventeen BTh. students at the  Seminary to be mobilized for missions.

- Pray for the five kids to enjoy their new school year, and Gladys to adjust to new challenges.

- Pray for David’s younger sister Ruth scheduled for kidney transplant on 1September.


Ping & Heidi with Benaja & Esra

Prayer & Praise:

- Thank God for the refreshing time in Switzerland, allowing them to rest physically & spiritually, enabling them to continue serving in the field. Please pray with Psalm 121:7 and 1 Chronicles 16:11 for the family.

-Thank God for the boys' positive experience in school while they were in Switzerland

-Thank God for the provision of a home school teacher who will join them in October.


Lily Pang

Prayer & Praise:

- Thank God for Lilywho is back to Singapore for a medical check-up.

- Pray for wisdom & discernment as the doctor checks on her pacemaker & heart to determine the cause of the burning pain that she has experienced twice in about a year.


VIII. Church Rebuilding

Prayer & Praise:

- Site work progress. Work on the fifth level of the church superstructure is in progress. This is a very critical stage due to the long span of the beam. Please pray for a smooth & safe building process during this critical process. Please continue to pray for the safety of the workers laboring at our site.

- Thanksgiving. When we celebrated our church’s 57th anniversary recently, we were reminded of the progress made in the last 10 months. We thank the Lord for keeping the site workers safe thus far. We also praise Him for the generosity of the Chapel of the Holy Spirit in providing a place for us to worship on Sundays during this interim period.

- Building Sub-committee (BSC). Please continue to pray for the BSC members to have discernment as they work tirelessly, looking into areas of cost-saving for the church rebuilding without compromising good functionality.

- Church rebuilding fund. As of 21 August 2016, we praise God for raising just over 12.7 million dollars for our church rebuilding fund. Continue to pray that we will trust on His provision as we continue to give joyfully and work together to reach the final goal.