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Family Dedication (April 2023)


We continue to thank God for the young families in our church and the children He has blessed us with. We held family dedication at our 30 April 2023 service to celebrate some of these new lives.

The two families that participated in this Family Dedication were the Fongs—Li Heng and his wife Eunice with their daughters Yun Qi and newborn, Yun Xin, and the Sungs—Andrew and his wife Esther with their sons Elliot and newborn, Aiden. Both these families articulated a similar prayer—for wisdom to raise their sons and daughters well, and that God will draw them to Himself and saving knowledge of Him. 

This is similar to a section in the vows that they read out, which says: 

“We commit to raise our children with godly affection, instruction and discipline. As God has entrusted to us the responsibility for discipling them, we will endeavour, with God’s help, to teach our children about the Good News of Jesus Christ and what it means to live by faith in him.”

As a church, let us continue to keep them, and other families in prayer as parents seek to be faithful in discipling the children that God has given them. Parenting is no easy task and it certainly is one that we are unable to do so by our own efforts. We certainly need God's help. 

Let us also seek to live out our commitment to "commit to sacrificially love your family, and reflect the grace of Jesus Christ by sharing our lives with you", which we also recited together at the dedication. As these children join us at the weekly worship gathering, or even at other times in the week, may they see Christ as they watch us interact with one another.