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EQUIP - Handling God's Word

At the start of the year, Pastor Eugene shared about the monthly Equip sessions we are having on handling and applying God's Word. Pastor Samuel who is leading the first five Equip sessions on handling God’s Word, shares what was covered in the first session and what can we expect for the next four sessions. 

I’ve gone through so many books and workshops on how to read the Bible, how is this any different?

In these five sessions, we will try to distil important principles and tools in how to read the Bible into a format that is easy for everyone to understand. But these sessions are more than just learning about handling the Bible, these sessions are also a chance for all of us in the church to learn together, young with old, newcomer with long-time member, new Christian with mature Christian. As we learn a common language in how to discuss God’s Word with each other, and gain confidence in using God’s Word to grow ourselves and each other, it is the vision of the Elders that God’s Word would become more and more integrated into everything we do as a ‘Grace Together’.

What was covered in the first session and what can I expect in the session to come?

In the first session, we discussed how our view of the Bible impacts the way we read it. When we don’t realise how important the Bible is, we tend not to read it often, when we forget how dependent we are on God to understand it, we tend to rely on our own intelligence, and when we overlook the importance of application, we tend to focus on knowing rather than applying God’s Word. 

We then went through three key things that we should always take away after we’ve read the Bible, namely i) the Big Idea (why did the author write it), ii) Our Need (the human/sinful condition that caused the Holy Spirit to inspire the writing of this passage), and iii) Application (what does God want me to do).

Moving forward, we’ll be putting flesh on the bones of the skeletal framework we went through in the first session. We’ll be looking at helpful tools in understanding the context as well as in making observations of the passage. Lord willing, the last session will be on giving some helpful tips on how to lead Bible studies with other people.

Can I still come for the next sessions if I didn’t come for the first?

Definitely! The sessions are designed to build on each other, but they’re also planned in such a way that they can standalone and people can easily understand what’s going on without attending prior sessions. Having said that, if you missed the first session and are interested in what we did, you can approach me and I’ll be happy to share the notes or to give you a summary of what we went through. Alternatively, you can request for a video recording of the sessions! 

Are there any resources I can look at if I want to read up more on what was covered in the first session?

If you have any questions or are interested in some books that might be helpful, feel free to approach me or any of the other pastors! Meanwhile, here are links to some helpful articles on some of the things we went through: 


Equip will be held every second Saturday of the month for 2019. Our next session will be on 10 Feb 2019 at 9.30am at Room 310.