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Does It Spark Joy? Living Life in the Pursuit of Happiness

This Saturday, the Young Adults ministry will be having their first Evangelistic meeting of the year. Playing off the phrase “Does it spark joy?” (made popular by Marie Kondo in her Netflix series on de-cluttering your home) the event seeks to confront what it is that young people seem to find their joy in and how they pursue it in their daily lives. YA 2019 pratasparksjoy (1)

As young people seek meaning, many turn to ‘being happy’ as the pursuit of their lives, whether through material goods, physical gratification, entertainment, success or relationships. Through the event, the YAs hope to provide a platform for both YAs and their guests to explore the objects of joy in their lives, and what has come from their desire for it.

Young adults Tan Sze-Ern, Matthew Seah and Caleb Kho will be sharing their own experiences with what sparks joy for them and how they have pursued it in their lives. Through their sharing of how pursuing joy has both satisfied and disappointed them, they will point to the need for the gospel, and how knowing God has shaped the way they perceive joy.

After a gospel presentation by Tan Yee Kiat, there will be a time of table discussions for guests to ask their questions and consider whether their own pursuit of joy has been fruitful or satisfying.

YA 2019 pratasparksjoy (2)Though some non-Christian friends have already indicated their attendance for this Saturday, do continue to pray that we will have more visitors come hear and be challenged by the gospel. Pray also for our young adults, that they will be bold in sharing how their faith has shaped them, and share who Christ is with our visitors.

The event is not age-specific, do feel free to come by and support, and especially to bring a friend. Sign up at the link here.