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Does It Spark Joy? -- A YA Evangelistic Event

The Young Adults Ministry had its first evangelistic event of 2019 on 22 March. Titled “Does it spark joy? Living life in the pursuit of happiness”, this event hoped to serve to encourage young people to consider what they find joy in and what they've done to pursue them.

The team had been planning this since the beginning of the year and God blessed us richly with a wonderful turnout of 55 people, 18 of whom were guests. Many were non-Christians who, just like us, struggle with the realities of life in a fallen world. This side of eternity, our idols tend to disappoint.

YA 2019 evangelism spark joy 1

Our very own YAs -- Caleb Kho, Matthew Seah, and Tan Sze-Ern -- shared stories about their own pursuit of joy and how knowing God changed and impacted it. Their honest sharing helped us to see how things like entertainment, success and relationships are good gifts that God gives to show us a glimpse of true joy in Him, the Giver and Source of joy. However, the pursuit of these things is like a never-ending ladder that we climb when we seek them apart from Him. The end results were the same: disappointment, struggle and at best, fleeting satisfaction. It was clear from the panellists’ sharing that sin causes all our hearts to turn away from the One who gives us true joy, and in Whom true joy can only be found.

YA 2019 evangelism spark joy 2We had a time of stirring and meaningful discussion over fresh prata with our guests, before Tan Yee Kiat presented the gospel to us, and shared about how the God of the Bible wants us to find joy. He spoke of how the word ‘joy’ appears more than 50 times in the book of Psalms alone. God so deeply wants us to experience joy that He gave His Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our joy. What does this mean? Jesus’ death on the cross was God’s perfect plan of restoring us to Him, by rescuing us from an empty and futile pursuit of joy in things that cannot ultimately satisfy. The joy that the gospel offers us is one that is not based on our circumstances, but relies on the certain hope we have in Jesus Christ. That is, because Jesus has died and risen from the grave, we are no longer subject to God’s wrath, and we have enduring peace, even a loving relationship with Him. 

Vibrant dscussions carried on long after the talks ended as the young adults and our guests pondered over this inherent instinct in their lives — to want to be happy. Pray with us that this event would trigger even more conversations with non-Christian friends about our God. As a church, may we all seek out opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus through our personal testimonies, declaring confidently that Jesus offers us the truest joy there is.