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Couples Night Out - Love is in the Air!

If you ask a married couple when's the last time they went on a date, you will probably be met with a long silence as they dig deep and hard into their memory to recall that last date! Preoccupied with raising children, work and never-ending household matters, married couples often relegate spending time together as a couple to the back seat. Yet, to sustain a strong marriage, it is critical for couples to spend time together as a couple so as to grow in their relationship; just as it is important to spend time with God to grow in our relationship with Him. With that in mind, the Family Ministry organised its very first Couples Night Out on 1 Mar 2014 to encourage our married couples to spend more time with their spouses.

Twenty couples gamely signed up and they were treated to an evening of great food, good fun, heartfelt singing, thanksgiving and walks down memory lanes. Below are some snapshots of an evening well spent!

DSC_3061 blog

Tables were arranged in such a way that each couple would have the privacy to talk to each other. Fragrant and prettily decorated mosquito plants act as the divider for each table of two couples. Evidently, much effort went into decking out  the tables with freshly ironed table cloths, soft-glow candles, well laid out cutlery etc, all just to make the couples feel special. Very thoughtful! 

IMG_0180_2 blogPrior to the dinner proper, couples were asked to recall the number of 'first's they have experienced together as a couple such as their first date, first holiday etc. Some struggled but many easily managed a list going beyond 10 items. As the couples looked back, they just could not help but be grateful to God for His love and goodness in giving them their spouses; even as they looked forward to adding more 'first' to the list. Amusing prizes were given to the top three couples with the longest list and among the prize winners were Doug and Joyce who won an 'iExpresso coffee maker' :). 

FM Couples' Night 2 The sumptuous dinner was prepared by GBC's very own Percy and served by members of the Family Ministry and their team of GBC volunteers. The couples greatly appreciated the love from these fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!


 As the couples dined, Lawrence delighted them with beautiful singing and good-natured banter; starting and ending the evening with the song "Give Thanks" to express our  gratitude for all that God has done for us. Impromptu singing of love songs by Belinda, Thiem Heng and Ding also added to the love that was in the air.

And the enjoyable evening came to an end as Pastor Arnold asked the couples to share with their respective spouses one thing they would llike to thank each other for and led them in a closing prayer from 1 Peter 3, that as husbands and wives, the couples will be of one mind.  


All in all, the couples thoroughly enjoyed the dinner date and were touched by the love of the Family Ministry and their team of volunteers who made it extra special for them.

And as they reached home, they found the funniest poem enclosed in the pot of mosquito plant that they got to bring back, with the last two stanzas going:

“Now I’m getting pretty curious about this bandung-smelling greenie,
Yes, experts say, "Crush the leaves, rub it on, and it works like a genie!”
But help ��" I do not understand ��" why is marriage like a mosquito?
Is it that it bleeds me dry and flat, like a pringle chip or dorito?

Ah I finally understand! I’m not some crispy snack.
Marriage is like a plant to nurture: attention it cannot lack.
It needs only some water each day, sunshine and clean fresh air.
I’ll do the same for my beloved, giving daily tender, loving care.”