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Commissioning of Deacons

Last Sunday, we commissioned and prayed for five new deacons. We thank God for their willingness to serve and pray that all of us will encourage these new deacons in their ministries. 

In his article 'Deacons: Shock Absorbers and Servants', Jamie Dunlop stresses the importance of deacons who administer and serve based on Acts 6: "...the seven men chosen by the church in Jerusalem to care for widows, who seem to be precursors to deacons, were chosen to preserve unity at a time when botched administration was creating fissures in the church (see Acts 6:1-7)... their very name means servant, and their precursors in Acts 6 were chosen to handle the practical needs of the church."

To this end, at a recent Quarterly Congregational Meeting, Pastor Ian announced the new deacons for GBC as we embark on this journey of growth together. These include: Kuan Kok Pui (Ordinances), Lee Siang Teck (Ushers), Anita Set (Welcome and Assimilation), Jena Tang (Women’s Ministry) and Bibianna Yeo (Young Adults Ministry). 

Following this, these were introduced to the church during the service on 20 January, and commissioned to serve as deacons.

commissioning-of-deacons-2The church praying for the newly commissioned deacons (L-R): Siang Teck, Kok Pui, Annie, Bibianna and Jena.

Many of these are not unfamiliar faces, and they have become well-known to us for their regular and faithful service:

kok-pui-1Kuan Kok Pui, who will serve as deacon administering the ordinances — the monthly Lord’s Supper meals and water baptisms — is simultaneously our church administrator and long-time member at Grace. His gifts in administration and service are well known to all.


lee-siang-teck-3Lee Siang Teck, who can be seen each Sunday at the entrance to the sanctuary greeting worshippers and visitors with a big smile, is well-suited to lead the ushers, or what is also called 'First Impressions' who welcome guests and help plug new people who are finding their place in the church, especially into care groups.


anita-setAlso serving in this area is Anita Set, who will be the deacon for welcome and assimilation. Annie will assist in connecting and introducing visitors and newcomers to various groups and enhance the sense of belonging and welcoming culture in our church. She also serves in the Young Adults Ministry, where there have been many visitors and newcomers especially seeking baptism and membership.


bibianna-yeoLike Annie, Bibianna Yeo is another long-time leader of the Young Adults, and will serve as the deacon in that ministry. A homegrown GBC-er, Bibianna’s gifts in administration, mobilizing people and leading the women in the young adults are deeply appreciated in the church.


jena-tangJena Tang, another long-time GBC member, has been very active in serving among the women of the church through various Bible studies and one-to-one Bible reading efforts. As the deacon for women’s ministries, she will continue to help organise and coordinate the different platforms for women to grow in God’s word.


Hopefully all of us will encourage these new deacons in their ministries and work with them towards strengthening the body here at Grace. May these who have stepped into service know the blessing and favour of God in ministry, so that the church can be built up into Christlikeness and maturity.