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Church Retreat 2016: Devotionals

Finally! We are heading out to Malacca for our Church Retreat tomorrow! This year we have Hannah Yeo, Esther Yap, Tan Yee Kiat and Rachel Wong contributing the devotionals for the retreat. We appreciate their efforts and thank them for the well-written and thoughtful devotionals around the theme of gospel and community.

Though the rest of you cannot be with us for the retreat, we would love to have you participate with us in some way – so besides praying for us; we would love to have you do the devotionals together with us as a church. We ask that you set aside time for the next four mornings, starting from tomorrow, to do the devotionals with us. At the same time, remember to keep us and the Church Retreat in prayer! Pray that God will use this time to anchor our hearts deep in the gospel, build up the church community, and that Christ will be magnified throughout the camp!

We have attached the devotions below. You can download the PDFs and for the next four days from Wednesday (8 June), you can look at God’s Word and pray together with us!

Devotional  8 June 2016

Devotional 9 June 2016

Devotional 10 June 2016

Devotional 11 June 2016 

Enjoy! And may God use these devotionals from His Word to speak to each one of you!

Keep in the Love of God,
Pastor Ollie,
On behalf of the Church Retreat Committee
7 June 2016