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Church Picnic on 16 May

Church picnic 16 may header

After two years of social distancing, we were excited to be able to gather for a church picnic at Fort Canning Park. Many came and spent the morning together at Fort Canning Park on this public holiday. 

We planned for this to be an opportunity for us to meet together as a church and to get to know one another better. After all, knowing one another is the first step in growing to better encourage one another (Heb 10:25). Yet we acknowledge that it can be difficult to do so after services on Saturday and Sundays. 

Church Picnic 16 May 1

We had an excellent turnout and God was so gracious to hold back the rain over Fort Canning. It was lovely to see members go around to share food and it became a sort of walking buffet! The children were able to play in the field and run around without qualms. Many church members also brought their dogs! It was really wonderful to see our church members bless other picnickers and passers-by with their food and games. 

Church Picnic 16 May 2

What was more precious was to also see people chat and get to know one another. There were also some who brought along their non-Christian friends and family members, and the picnic provided a chance for them to get to know the church. 

We thank God for this chance and we look forward to the next picnic. But we don't have to wait for the next picnic to get to know others in the church. 

  • Stay and chat with others at the Fellowship Hall after each service, and trust God to bring people to you. Consider also having dinner (on Saturday) or lunch (on Sunday) after that. 
  • Invite people for a meal and then pray together at our monthly prayer meeting on 27 May. 
  • Join the meal fellowship at the end of May (28 and 29 May). Read more about the previous Easter Meal Fellowship and sign up for the upcoming one here.