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Church Camp 2014 Committee Interview (cont'd)

1. Share with us what the theme of the camp is - what are we hoping to focus on this year?
The Camp Theme is "Set Apart for Christ". To set apart means "to be holy" and the theme verse is Luke 9:23 where as Christians we should take up our own cross daily (not weekly or monthly) ie "die to self daily & follow Christ. We hope to focus on discipleship where everyone understands that they are a disciple.

2. Introduce our speaker and share with us a little about what we will be hearing in the teaching of the Word at camp.

Our speaker is Mr Tony Wong, Cluster Leader for International Mission Board (IMB), East Asia Diaspora Affinity, Southern Baptist Convention. We are still waiting for him to give us a brief sermon outlines! More of his speaker personal data is reflected on the church camp website. 

3. What are two things that campers can do to prepare themselves for the camp.
Ask God to show the campers in which areas of their lives have they strayed from Him! They can also make a deliberate effort to start walking with God (daily prayer, bible study and attending CG)


4. Share with us 1 way we can pray for the camp, and also 1 way we can be encouragers to the camp committee in this major project.

Pray that we will see spiritual revival in the lives of ALL campers and that our hearts will be on fire for Him and for the things above. When people of God are revived and fired up, the church will not lack of people willing to serve the Almighty!

On behalf of the church, we'd like to thank Thian Chye and his team - the faithful folks of the camp committee - for their tireless service and labor of love in the Lord. We thank God for these men and women who love the church and serving hard for her good. Thank you brothers and sisters!

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