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Children's Ministry Movie Night

Daniella Low describes a night of warmth and fun for children and adults alike!

The Children’s Ministry organised a Movie Night on 1 September 2018. The wet weather prevented the event from taking place on the rooftop, but we thank God for providing the spacious Fellowship Hall!

The night proved to be an encouraging time of fellowship, where the children, parents and teachers could get to know each other better over a potluck dinner. Everyone brought along a simple dish and we were able to have a sumptuous spread of food lovingly made by both the parents and teachers.

While most of the kids were engrossed in watching the movie ‘Up’, the adults were engaged in conversation, building each other up in love. All were involved in the clean-up after the movie, and it was wonderful seeing the young and younger working together to leave the Hall spotless. It was a night full of joy and laughter where we could all gather as a Church family to have fun together!

Movie Night_9 (1) resizedTables groaning under the delicious potluck contributions.

Movie Night_16 (1) resizedSome of the children captivated by the action onscreen.