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Calling Men and Women of Grace

Pastor Eugene shares with us two articles from the 9Marks Journal on discipleship and encourages us to attend the new EQUIP class – Men of Grace/ Women of Grace – this Sunday, 11am. 

The church is God's family. As brothers and sisters-in-Christ, we are to disciple one another towards Christlikeness. Men should be helping other men grow to become more like Jesus. Women, likewise, should be encouraging one another in godliness. These two 9Marks articles, written by Andy Davis and Susan Hunt, exhort us–both men and women–to be faithful disciple-makers:

Discipling Guys by Andy Davis

Wanted: More Older Women Discipling Younger Women by Susan Hunt

To help us live God's way as godly men and women, there will be a new Equip class on biblical manhood and womanhood, which starts this Sunday (Feb 25), 11am, Room 310. 

Sign up at and let us know if you'd like lunch! We'll meet over five sessions, which will take place once every two months. See you there!

25 Feb   What is God's design for men/women?

29 Apr   Men/Women and Marriage

24 Jun   Men/Women and Singleness

26 Aug   Men/Women and the Family of God

28 Oct   Panel Discussion