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Be Equipped for 2019

How do we grow together as a church? Pastor Eugene shares with us a learning initiative for the whole church.

It is the start of 2019 and some of us may have made resolutions to exercise more this year. Supposing you joined a gym to get trimmer and fitter. What would happen if you regularly went to the gym but worked out only your biceps? After a few months, you might have nicely toned arms but the rest of your body would not have gotten much fitter or stronger.  

If we are to be healthier, then we need to take good care of our entire bodies and not merely focus on one particular part. In a similar way, the health of the church depends on how well the whole body is doing. So the goal of ministry is not just to strengthen individuals, but also to grow the whole body of Christ as one.  

Growth takes place “when each part is working properly” (Eph 4:16). In other words, the members are working together to build up the body of Christ. Every Christian is called and enabled by God to strengthen the church. This is the reason why Paul says the every saint is to be equipped for the work of ministry (v12).  

Because we all have a vital part to play in strengthening the church, each one of us has a responsibility to be equipped to serve others. The pastors and elders, therefore, want to invest in equipping every member of GBC to grow the church. I encourage us all to be a part of Equip 2019. Why not be resolved this year to grow deeper and stronger in Christ, so that you are better able to encourage others also?  

Equip 2019 is a learning initiative for the whole church, regardless of our age or area of ministry. This is an opportunity for us to be in the word together, in line with our church’s theme for the year: “Grace Together”.  

Equip will be held over 10 monthly sessions, which will take place on the second Saturday of every month. Our first session will be on Saturday, January 12, 930-1130am.  

The Word of Life will be the focus of the first five sessions (January to May), which will equip us to rightly study, understand, and teach the Bible in our life and ministry. The focus of the second part’s sessions (July to November) is Life in the Word. We will learn how to apply Scripture in various areas of life, including sanctification, ministering to others, as well as addressing suffering, sin and conflict. For more details, check out the GBC website here.  

This Sunday, we’ll kick start the year by hearing from Hebrews 10:19-25 about what it means for us to be Grace Together: a grace-filled covenant community. Do pray for Pastor Ian as he prepares to bring God’s word to us.  

We will also have our quarterly congregational meeting for GBC members at 11am. The QCMs are an important part of our life as a church because we gather to hear about how God is working among us. I encourage us to be at this meeting where we will be touching on key aspects of our life together.  

At this Sunday’s QCM, we will:

  • welcome the new members who have joined us over the past few months,
  • find out more about the key events/ministry opportunities for 2019,
  • introduce our new pastoral intern, and
  • recommend new elders and deacons for service.  

Do pray for this meeting. May God grant us grace to do His will with humility and wisdom! I look forward to seeing us all on Sunday.