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Baptisms and Transfer - 28 Oct 2018

On 28 Oct, heaven and earth rejoiced as we witnessed the baptism of five individuals.

On 28 October, we had the great joy to witness the baptism of Jonny, Samantha, Melanie, Cherie and Cheryl, and also welcome the transfer of membership of Adelene.


Heaven rejoiced as (L-R) Jonny, Cherie, Cheryl, Melanie and Samantha professed their faith in Christ alone as their Lord and Saviour and commit to follow Jesus in the fellowship of His people, the church. 

Before the baptisms, Pastor Eugene shared what it means to be baptised:

"Baptisms is really a picture of the gospel – a picture of what Christ has done for us. When we see someone being immersed in the water, we see a picture of this person being united with Christ in His death, and when we see a person being raised from the water, it is a picture of this person being raised in the newness of life in the power of Christ's resurrection. So baptism is a wonderful picture of what Jesus has done to save us from our sins by dying on the cross and rising from the dead after three days. When someone is baptised, it is a picture of what Christ has done for them, that they are a new creation in Christ, that they have been given new life, and now because they have been raised with Him, they walk with Him in newness of life. Baptism doesn't save us, rather it is a picture of the salvation that Christ has already accomplished on our behalf. It is like a wedding ring that we wear on our finger. The ring on our finger does not marry us, rather it is a picture of the marriage that has taken place, and so it is with baptism."

Below are excerpts from the wonderful and encouraging testimonies of God's work through Christ in the life of these five individuals. 

Jonny Kho

Jonny is the eldest of four boys and he grew up in a Christian family. There wasn't a specific turning point where he decided to believe in God, rather it was through a series of events which he found, upon looking back, would not have been possible if not for the presence and intervention of God. He shared in his testimony:

"My baptism is an outward declaration of my faith in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, and my obedience to God. It is also a reminder to me that obedience to God means giving up the things you hold most dear in this world. I want to get baptised because it is pleasing to God, and because of his unconditional love for us, in that He sent His only Son to die for my sin, even though I am an undeserving sinner."



Samantha How

Samantha has been attending GBC with her fiance, Kevin, and his family for about a year. She shared in her testimony:

"Coming to know God has been a very humbling and demanding experience. Some days, God wants me to know that He is present all the time; some days, He reminds me that He is the Creator. Most of all, He reminds me of His grace through the people He places in my path. Through interacting with His people and experiencing Him through them, I became acutely aware of how God was reaching out to me despite my sins."

baptism-28-oct-18-1Kevin joined Samantha in the water as an encouragement to her and he was also instumental in Samantha's discipleship.  

Melanie Seet

Melanie was joined by Hewlett, who like Kevin, was instrumental in Melanie's discipleship. She shared:

"Over time I slowly learnt that Christianity was not merely a religion about a man called Jesus who had lived and died on a cross. Being a Christian means placing my faith in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. In God’s most amazing love and grace, He sent Jesus to earth to live a perfect life of obedience as a mere mortal. Jesus suffered a most painful and humiliating death on the cross, so that we, as sinful and unholy creatures, can be reconciled to God our Father in heaven. Being a Christian means personally knowing and experiencing this beautiful love story that was planned from the very beginning of time. I slowly fell in love with God and Christ, because of His love for me, unworthy as I am."


Cherie Sim

Cherie is joined by her sister and a friend of hers who played a key part in her discipleship. She shared:

"There was no 'coming to Jesus' moment for me but my journey is nothing short of a miracle. As the Bible was taught faithfully week after week, I became convinced that the only way to live is to rely on Jesus’ death and resurrection and live under God’s authority. Jesus did not die to give me a life of getting whatever I wanted, but so that I might live under His kingly rule over my life."   



Cheryl Lim

Cheryl started attending GBC in February 2018 with her friend, Stanley. She shared how God has been pursuing her:

"But God, who works in truly amazing ways, pursued me relentlessly. Indeed, Isaiah 54:10-11 says, 'For the mountains may depart and the hills be removed, but my steadfast love shall not depart from you.' I received invitations to visit my friends’ church. I met people who shared the gospel with me on the train, on the street and in school. I began visiting different churches, with the hope of learning more about the faith...In February 2018, I made the decision to visit GBC for the first time with my friend, Stanley, who has been graciously taking time off his busy schedule to share the gospel and guide me through the faith."


We pray for these individuals that they will continue to walk faithfully with Jesus; that they will follow Him in the company of His people, the church; that we as a church will not only witness their baptisms but will come alongside them, encourage them, help them to follow Jesus and help them to grow as disciples of Christ even as they help us grow as disciples of Christ. 



transfer-28-oct-18-adeleneWe also welcome with great joy Adelene Stanley who has transferred her membership to GBC. In her testimony, Adelene shared how God opened her heart and how she came to know who Christ is and to acknowldge Him as her only Saviour, Redeemer and King. Adelene was introduced to GBC via John Cheah, her husband and we are so glad that she felt welcome and chose to join us in fellowship. Indeed, our God is faithful and His mercies are new every morning. To God be the glory! 


 You can watch the baptisms here: