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Baptisms and Transfers - 24 Feb 2019

Last Sunday, we had the joy of witnessing the baptism of Angeline Leong and Rebecca Soh and also welcome five new members – Soh Ling Ling, Joshua Lowe, Samuel Chan, Ivan and Isis Ramirez – via transfer of membership.

On 24 Feb 2019, we had the privilege to hear from Angeline Leong and Rebecca Soh on how they came to trust in the gospel of Jesus Christ and to witness their baptism. Before the baptism, Pastor Oliver explained that "when we go under the water of baptism, it points us to the fact that when we received and trusted in the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are joined to Jesus Christ. So, when we go under the water, we go with Him into the grave, we die to sin; when we are raised out of the water, it points us to the fact that we are raised to new life in Jesus Christ."

We thank God for revealing to these two sisters-in-Christ that all we need is Christ, and for giving them the faith and will to put their trust in Him. Below are snippets of their testimonies.

Angeline Leong

Angeline started attending GBC in late 2018 upon the invitation of her friend, Ling Ling, who also shared the gospel with her. Angeline shared in her testimony how God has comforted her through His word, and gave her the peace which surpasses all understanding, knowing that "the only acceptance I truly need is from God. He has saved me through His Son, Jesus Christ, and His grace is sufficient for me." We thank God for giving her the will to take this step of obedience by going through baptism and her earnestness to be used by God for His glorious work. Hallelujah!

angeline-leong-baptismAngeline going under the water of baptism. She was joined in the baptismal pool by Ling Ling who shared the gospel with her and discipled her.

Rebecca Soh

Rebecca grew up in GBC but it was only towards the end of her Primary 3 school year that she started to think about who Christ is. During Chinese children camp that year, she heard the gospel and "it penetrated my heart and I finally understood that God created everything, yet we sinned and God sent Jesus to save us through His death on the cross. Because of His resurrection, we can have eternal life with Him when we believe and accept Him as our Lord and Saviour." The camp marked the start of her growth in Christ as God gave her the desire to know more about Him. Although she subsequently went through a period of fear and doubt, God never ceases His work in her, using "the people around me to remind me of His grace and love. They helped me to continue to put my trust in Him."

Through the many people, events and things in her life, she came to experience the grace of God and to know that Christ alone is enough for her. We are just so thankful for this young lady and we pray along with Rebecca that she will continue to grow in Him and that God will continue to help her put her trust in Him.


Rebecca sharing why she wanted to be baptised. She was joined in the baptismal pool by Priscilla who was instrumental in discipling her.

In addition to these two new members, we also welcomed five new members – Soh Ling Ling, Joshua Lowe, Samuel Chan, Ivan and Isis Ramirez – via transfer of membership. We are overjoyed and thankful how God is bringing more into our midst. 


We give thanks to God for these precious new members: (L-R) Ivan and Isis Ramirez, Rebecca Soh, Angeline Leong, Soh Ling Ling, Samuel Chan and Joshua Lowe. 

We pray that God will continue to do His mighty work in them and that we will also open our hearts and lives to them, drawing them close and making them feel at home and at ease with us.



You can watch the baptism here: