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Baptisms and Transfer - 24 Jan 2016

On 24 Jan 2016, we celebrated with great joy the baptism of Gerald Chua, Liew Ian Hwee and Harriet Lee. We also had the privilege to witness a father baptising his daughter when Harriet was baptised by Ps Bobby. To add to the celebration, we got to welcome Esther Ng to the GBC family as she transferred her membership to the church. Hallelujah!

Baptism and Transfer 24 Jan 16

(L-R) Esther Ng, Harriet Lee, Liew Ian Hwee and Gerald Chua

Below are snippets of the testimonies of Gerald, Ian Hwee and Harriet. We are very much encouraged by their testimonies on how God has convicted them and how they took the leap to trust and obey Him. We hope their testimonies will inspire, encourage and exalt all to come to know the love of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Gerald Chua

Gerald Chua Baptism

"I had the blessing of being raised in a Christian home environment...The nurturing environment at home and in Sunday School, coupled with the school environment in ACPS, led me gradually to a decision to accept the gift of salvation through faith when I was in Primary 3. As I look back, the transition from 'I'm sorry' to 'Please forgive me' to 'I need a Saviour' happended in that year when I took the study of God's Word in Sunday School seriously, with a faithful group of peers whom I would grow up with till JC2...

...Work in the hospital was challenging but rewarding, but no longer in an environment surrounded by Christian brothers and sisters. That led to the start of a period I termed 'turning up but not growing up'. I attended service at GBC as regularly as I could, within the constraints of the schedule of a junior doctor in training which included frequent Sunday rounds and shifts. However the constant transformation of my life by the Holy Spirit was not allowed to take place. I did not pay close effort and attention to working out my salvation with fear and trembling...

God is a jeolous God and He did not allow other idols to displace Him in my life however. My ever patient and supportive wife, Jo, convinced me in 2012 of the importance of diligent and systematic study of God's Word and I undertook the challenge through joining a parachurch organisation called Bible Study Fellowship. I was soon convinced of how the Good Shepherd was omnipresent in my life and guiding me back to a path of commitment in living God's way.

I am undergoing baptism as an outward sign of my acceptance of God's free gift of salvation and my submission to God's soverignty, and also to be held accountable to my family and the community of believers at GBC to commit to always love God first and others second; and fear, obey and serve Him and His kingdom on earth."

Liew Ian Hwee

Ian Hwee

Ian Hwee's testimony started with him confessing that he was having last minute doubts the night before the baptism, as he felt that he was just not good enough for baptism. We praise God that he was convicted that we will never be good enough and are all in need of His marvellous grace. We rejoiced with Ian Hwee as he boldly professed his faith in our Lord Jesus by taking the step of baptism. 

Ian Hwee further shared in his written testimony that: "Growing up, I had in many ways a 'complete' Christian upbringing, Christian family, mission school and a parachurch CCA. God was structurally embedded in everyday life but in spite of that always felt remote and distant. Being in such an environment also provided ample opportunity for me to witness Christians at their worst. I detested their hypocrisy and yet struggled with my own.

...My sin told me that I was beyond saving and my pride that I was better than others and had no need of it. I convinced myself that only a true spiritual encounter would convert me - only if I saw, heard or felt God myself...

After I came back from university, a friend started to ask me to attend Bible study. At first I gave excuses, then I ran out of them...My attitude initially was 'let's try and see if God will show up' but on hindsight they were small steps of faith and God's way of drawing me closer to Himself. 

Somehow somewhere along the line I came to realise that I did believe God's promises, that He is always there, that I was in desperate need of rescue and His grace is sufficient for me. I no longer resented my Christian upbringing as depriving me of choice, but saw it as another means of God's grace.

...I thank God for the comfort of knowing you as my church as this journey of faith unfolds and as we continue to follow after Christ together." 

Harriet Lee

Harriet Lee Baptism

"...I was born into a Christian family...Christianity to me was head knowledge, something that defined the world I lived in. My friends around me would know me as a good person or a 'Christian girl'; she does not say bad words. But in God's eyes all have sinned and fall short of His glory, I am no exception. Learning about God and memorising Bible verses in Sunday school - God was not a foreign figure. However, He was a stranger to me. Knowing someone exists and believing it was completely different and it took me time to realise...

This was evident when I was questioning God's love for me because of the despair and guilt I felt from the sins I took God's deliverance and continual assurance from the sufferings and episodes I experienced to strengthen my relationship with Him. Many CG sessions, encouragement and prayer from the people around me kept me in check. I grew in understanding of the meaning of sin, and God's true character as in the Bible. Recognising there were two paths before me, one of destruction and darkness (that I was already on) and one of a life as a child of God.

June last year...By God's timing and perfect planning, I was led by the Spirit to be serious about my journey of faith. Through the help of people I met last summer, my parents and church mates' lives as living testimonies - seeing their transformations and struggles, I was convicted of the reality of my sin, I said the sinner's prayer and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

I rejoice and praise the provider and deliverer, who conquered sin and paid the wrath for sin I deserved. God saw my weariness and burdens, took it, and set me free..."