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Baptism and Transfers -- 17 Nov 19

What a joy it was to welcome ten new members last Sunday: one through baptism and nine through transfer of membership! Some of these ten are recent believers while others have been Christians for many years, but all have in common the desire to confess Christ and be obedient to His call on their lives. It is truly uplifting to witness their obedient faith and to read in their testimonies of the manifold ways God works to bring His sheep safely home. 

Baptism of Koh Kee Ai 

We were privileged to witness Kee Ai’s declaration of faith and obedience by submitting to baptism by immersion, after being baptised by sprinkling many years ago. 


Kee Ai testified that she resisted being baptised by immersion for a long time, not seeing the need for it, until she was finally convicted after interacting with three couples new to the church. God works in wonderful ways indeed! Kee Ai became a Christian at university after God spoke to her through the combination of the intricate beauty of a butterfly and an outreach message about creation, and has been a committed church member ever since. 


Pastor Ian reminded us that the baptism pool is a grave where a believer is buried with Christ and then raised with Him to newness of life. We rejoice with Kee Ai that by God’s grace she was able to set aside her reservations to take the step of baptism by immersion and experience more of the fullness of life that God has reserved for her in Christ. 

Transfers of Membership 

We welcomed nine new members through transfer of membership. Their testimonies show that despite their very different faith journeys, God is faithful to pursue and His word is living and active to bring conviction and restoration. Reproduced here are short extracts from their written testimonies – please approach them personally to get to know them and find out more about how God has been working in their lives! 

Matthew Choo: “The Gospel has implications for all aspects of my life, not just on Sundays. Christ saved me not just for Sundays, but for all days. He has far-reaching control over my entire life, dictating the whats and whys of life that often run contrary to my own selfish desires.” 

Lorraine Fong: “God has opened my eyes to see. I love Christ with all my heart – what an incredible joy it is to have a restored relationship with the creator God of the universe! I will not fear or be dismayed, for He is my God.” 

Fong Shi Yi: “I give all thanks to God for being my Lord, my Father, filling the God-shaped void in my heart and loving me to the point of sending Jesus to die for my sins, even though I was a prodigal son. How can I ever turn back and squander this overflowing grace?” 

Kiatkulpiboone Nathan: “Personal ambition has often created distance in my relationship with Christ. Using school and work seemed like an acceptable excuse to turn away from fellowship and focus on spirituality. The trouble is that spirituality is often marred by cultural relativism and turns away from Scripture. So coming back, Romans 12:16 is a humbling reminder of God’s purpose in our lives.” 

Nicholas Quek: “Today I still struggle with sin, but I struggle safely in the arms of Jesus. I know that He has given me real life, that I don’t owe my sinful nature anything. Instead, by the power of the Holy Spirit I can earnestly put sin to death every day. And I know that when He returns, He will make all things new. Then finally I will sin no more and fellowship perfectly with Him.” 

Siew Teck Woh: “Thanking God for His grace and protection and keeping me in His love have been a constant refrain throughout my adult life. [In a trip to Jordan/Israel] God led me to reaffirm my testimony for Him and I submitted to baptism in the Jordan River. I firmly testified that my citizenship is secured with God in Christ.” 

Andrew Sung: “I need Jesus in my life to save me. I repented and put my trust in Him and saw that I have nothing to hide, nothing to prove, and nothing to fear in Him. He lived the life I should have lived, died the death I should have died, and rose again from the dead to live a new life. I continue to repent and trust in Him for my salvation.”

Esther Sung: “It wasn’t until the Christmas service of my sophomore year that I experienced the overwhelming, irresistible love of Christ for the first time. Since then, it has been a recurring story of the prodigal son, in which I am continually convicted of and fighting to turn away from my sins, while God continues to show me grace and forgiveness through His son, who has now become my greatest source of joy and hope.” 

Joanna Marie Tuballes: “The Holy Spirit was at work in my heart and moved me to a deep, godly sorrow. For the first time, I cried out to God as a sinner in need of a Saviour. And when I heard the Gospel again, the flicker burst into flame, overcoming the darkness I was in. The heavy burden of my guilt and shame was lifted. It was replaced with freedom and hope. The Gospel became real to me.”


We thank God for these ten precious new members: (L-R) Kee Ai, Nicholas, Esther, Andrew, Joanna, Shi Yi, Lorraine, Matthew and Teck Woh. Nathan is not in the photo.

How wonderful it is that God is adding to our numbers by means of baptisms and transfers! We humbly give thanks that these His precious children have chosen to put down spiritual roots at GBC, trusting us to welcome them, support them, and help them grow in faith and Christlikeness. Let us take this responsibility seriously and humbly strive to be worthy of the trust placed in us, welcoming them and absorbing them into the church family with great joy!