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Prayer Meeting for 24 November 2017

Prayer Meeting

(24 November 2017)

Prayer Points



Prayer & Praise:

- Thanksgiving for bringing the ’O’ level folks through their exams, and prayer for the ‘A’ level folks for their remaining papers.

- Prayer for our upcoming youth camp that youth would grow spiritually as well as in their relationships with one another.

- Thanksgiving for all the CGs who have so kindly volunteered to help sponsor meals for the youth camp.



Prayer & Praise:


- Thanksgiving for 17 boys who came and encouraged us with their sharing during the message segment on “Forgiveness & Reconciliation”. We are also thankful for the fun and safety during the games.

- Prayer for these children who struggle with emotional hurt and anger being away from their homes and having to adjust to other children & the house rules.

- Salvation for those boys who have not accepted Christ as their Saviour.

Tuition & Reading Club

- Good rest for teachers during this holiday period. Pray that they will be refreshed & recharged for His service in the new year.

Christmas Celebration

- GBC members will be sensitive to God’s prompting & guidance to reach out to pre-believers for the Christmas Celebration on 24 Dec 2017.



Prayer & Praise:

- Thank God for His faithfulness in seeing us through 2016 and guiding us as we taught a wide array of different topics & books of the Bible.

- Thank God for the many faithful attendees who came to DS throughout this year. Pray that they will be continually blessed by reading & studying God's word.

- Pray for David as he teaches the last DS session on chapters 3 and 4 of the Book of Ruth: that he will teach with clarity and sensitivity to make the lesson relevant to GBC.

- Pray for the DS team as they transition into slightly different roles in the new teaching / training ministry that will take the place of DS in 2018. Pray that everyone involved in this new ministry will be humble & prayerful, as we embark on this new journey together.



Prayer & Praise:

Lily Pang

- Pray for wisdom to share the gospel in Hokkien with a 76 years old blind man daily at TTSH.

William and Karen Lenn (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

- Pray for their visa application which is having a few hiccups. They are off to the nearest Thai embassy in Vientiane  to change to a non-immigrant ‘O’ visa so that they can apply for a retirement visa.  Please pray that everything will go smoothly.

Evelyn Wong ( Wycliffe, Singapore)
- The yearly auditing starts on 5 Dec. Pray for a smooth & accurate audit.
- Pray that Evelyn will be able to answer all their questions as there are more audit requirements.



Prayer & Praise:

- Thanksgiving for the new young adults who have come to GBC through the evangelistic event. Pray that we will be able to love & serve them and that they will continue to grow as they find out more about the gospel.

- Thanksgiving to God for stirring the hearts of some YAs to reach out to their non-Christian friends. Pray for wisdom & humility as they engage them and for love & energy as they strive to continue these good works.

- Thanksgiving for the growth that we have seen in the YAs in 2017, both in numbers and in depth. Pray that as the year winds down, we will take time to reflect and thank God for blessing us so richly, and that we will be encouraged to do even more in 2018.

- Pray for "The Case for Christ" movie screening on the 25 Nov, that the many non-believing friends who have been invited will come with their hearts open to hearing the gospel presented. Pray that all of us who invited friends will use the movie as a way to have conversations about Christianity, and that we will be confident & humble as we present the gospel to our friends.

- Pray for the YAs taking their exams end-Nov/early-Dec, that they will find joy in their studies and that they will take their exams with peace & certainty, knowing their identities are based not on how well they do but on Christ alone.

- Pray for the YA ministry leaders as we plan & prepare for 2018. Pray for wisdom as we plan teaching & training curriculum, for energy & stamina as we continue to seek ways we can better serve the YAs and the church, but more than anything, for an intense focus on the gospel as we seek not just to teach it to others but also to live it out ourselves.



Prayer & Praise:

- Pray for the Teacher's Retreat on Sat 25 Nov. Pray for wisdom as we plan for the new year.

- Thank God that we are blessed that new children have been joining the group & we pray that our children will welcome them in.



Prayer & Praise:

Pray for the AV team :

-  as they continue to fine tune the system to get the best out of it. 

- for the various new people who volunteered to be part of the AV & projection team that they will serve with joy for the Lord.

- for the planning team as they plan for the training & equipping of the people who are serving in this ministry. 

Pray for the music team:

- for various ones who will go overseas for studies starting next year. 

- for team to serve with joy and draw their strength from the Lord. 

 - for the choir as they prepare for the Christmas Eve service that they may be able to learn the songs well and that the presentation will point people to Christ, our Redeemer.