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An Update on Children's Ministry

children's min header 2021

31 Jan saw the resumption of in-person Children's Church in GBC after nearly a year of Zoom lessons. On this blessed Sunday, 50 children aged 3-12 met for a time of prayer, learning and fun.

Over the past few years, the growth we've seen in GBC adult membership has been accompanied by rapid growth in the children's ministry. In 2019, we had 52 children (10 in nursery, 42 in children's church). In 2021, we have 61 children in Children's Church and 23 under the age of 3 and are waiting to come in. 

Children's ministry 2021

This rapid growth in numbers and our commitment to establishing children's church for both services means that we need to significantly increase the number of teachers.

Here's why—each class minimally needs 2 teachers. We have also found that splitting the children into 5 classes helps keep class sizes manageable, and more importantly, allows for age appropriate lessons. We are also committed to requiring teachers to only teach once a month, so that the privilege of ministry does not turn into a burden, and teachers can participate in the main service. Based on this number we hope to have at least 80 teachers on roster, up from the current 30 that we have.

Other than children's church, the growing number of infants and toddlers means there is a great demand for nursery ministry to restart. This has been put on hold due to the Covid-19 restrictions but with further opening up we are hoping to re-open soon. Prior to the pandemic, the ministry needed 6 volunteers a week, and they will likely need more in the future.

The requirements for teaching are simple: you must be a believer. Additionally, only members may lead the classes. The ministry has a mixture of formal training, but we believe strongly that learning while doing is best. New teachers will be paired with more experienced teachers to observe and participate in the delivery of lessons. Once the new teacher is assessed to be ready, they will then be rostered to lead lessons.

If you are keen to join the ministry, feel free to reach out to our Children's Ministry worker, Siew Ting, or Chuan-Xin (98531017).

Lastly, the children's life in church doesn't end when they turn 12. The Youth Ministry forms a key part of their upbringing in church. If you feel a calling to work with the youth, we encourage you to approach the ministry with your services.