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Advent Sermon Series : Isaiah's Servant Songs

Christmas celebrates the coming of God's promised Messiah, Jesus. Who is Jesus? What did he come to do? Hundreds of years before Jesus came, God spoke of Him through Isaiah the prophet. Isaiah's four Servant Songs (42:1-9; 49:1-13; 50:4-11; 52:13-53:12) paint a vivid portrait of the Messiah. From today (Nov 26), we will begin a four-sermon series on Isaiah's Servant Songs. As Christmas approaches, may the wonder of the Servant's love fill our hearts, that we might trust in Him!


 Date  Sermon Title   Sermon Text
 26 Nov God’s Gentle King" Isaiah 42:1-9
 3 Dec Adventus: Hope for Distant Nations Isaiah 49:1-13
 10 Dec Adventus: Comfort for the Disgraced Isaiah 50:4-11
 17 Dec  Adventus: The Outrageous Exchange Isaiah 52:13-53:12
24 Dec "Worship the True King"  Matthew 2:1-12 


But why did Isaiah write these chapters? What was the larger context and background of the book of Isaiah. These 2 videos by the Bible Project will help us get an overview of the book of Isaiah.