Advent Devotional: They Looked For Redemption

Since early this year Dr Poulson had the burden to reprint this devotional, "They Looked for Redemption" for use in churches, especially at Grace Baptist Church, this Advent. Let’s continue Dr Poulson’s legacy of loving God, His Word and living it out in our everyday lives.

Christmas is probably the happiest holiday in the calendar. But the world needs to be reminded that originally it was a “holy day”. We will have to concede that the day (season) that has been secularized and commercialized. It is more about Santa Claus and Rudolf than about the Birth of Christ.

Early in church history the practice arose to devote a season of spiritual preparation for celebration of the coming of Christ into the world. From the sixth century, liturgical churches have formally recognized the season known as advent. Many who will make use of our short devotional guide worship in churches that no longer use that terminology. But the underlying concept is quite sound. We present a series of meditations for the entire month of December. The purpose of this series is to take us back to the very beginning of human history and trace the growing sense of expectation among people of faith who looked for redemption

We proudly present to you:

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Here are suggestions for receiving maximum value from this guide.

  • Begin each session with a prayer that you will have a mind, heart and will prepared to be taught by the Spirit. 
  • Read and meditate on the Scripture passage. Our comments may guide you to the meaning of the passage and the essential lessons to be learned. 
  • Jot down questions and observations and take them to your small group or church leaders. 
  • Ask questions like: What is this passage saying to me personally? How can this study help me increase my faith? What life-change must I apply? 
  • The hymn, carol or chorus may enable you to recall the lesson throughout the day. 
  • Share your blessings with someone else. Perhaps you can share this booklet. 

You can download and read a pdf version of the devotional guide HERE.