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A Youthful Sunday

Samuel Beh shares with us why this Sunday's worship service will be different.

This Sunday’s worship service will be different. The observant will notice that there will be a number of unfamiliar faces helping out in various parts of the service. From the welcome table, to ushering, to song leading and even preparing food for the hospitality table, the youth will be helping to run this Sunday’s service (with the help of some more experienced heads).

Didn’t we use to have Youth Sunday before?

Some older (and younger) heads may remember that GBC used to have a Youth Sunday once a quarter, when youth would help out in the worship team. However, the youth leaders prayerfully decided to stop having Youth Sunday, as we felt that many of us had started to just go through the motions, instead of fully understanding and engaging in our roles in facilitating congregational worship.

So, why are we doing it now? And what’s the difference?

The idea of youth serving in a Sunday Service (again) was actually mooted by some of the youth! So the youth leaders thought it would be a great opportunity for us to learn more about why we do different things in a church service, while also putting ourselves in the shoes of those who faithfully serve us every week.

The leaders really wanted to make sure that we weren’t just going through the motions, and so what you’ll see on the 26th will be the culmination of quite a bit of learning and preparation by the youth that started a few weeks ago. In those weeks, we’ve had:

1) a Bible Study teaching us more about what church is about and why we do the things we do every Sunday;

2) a group of people currently serving came down to help explain to us what they do and the challenges they face (thanks to Jonathan, Wen Xiu and Ollie for coming down and joining us for fast food!); and

3) a ‘dry-run’ to make sure we understood the different things we had to do (collecting offering bags is not as straightforward as it seems!) 


So, what can I do?

Now that you know what is happening this Sunday (and why), here are some ways you can help to support the youth:

  • Be (extra) encouraging and supportive! We GBCers can be a very encouraging bunch, but we often forget to verbalise these encouragements! While the youth may not look appreciative when you encourage them, please know that they are (but just might be too shy to show their appreciation). Oh, and this might also mean that if there are areas of improvement that you might want to suggest (and there definitely will be), please know that we are trying our best and would like to request that all suggestions/feedback go to the youth leaders (who are Sam, Jess, Aaron, Shermaine, Priscilla, Gloria and Matthew) rather than the youth themselves.
  • Get to know the youth. It is a well-known statistic that 100% of adults were once youth (data source: Samuel Beh). And so, 100% of adults should remember that when they were youths they often felt awkward talking to adults. But as we strive to become an inter-generational church that models the gospel, let’s all try harder to talk to people who are from different ages, backgrounds or social groups from ourselves!
  • Pray for us. Many of us haven’t served in a service before and so might be a little (or very) nervous. Please pray that God will use our efforts to glorify Him and that He would use us to help everyone at GBC to worship Him this Sunday!


Thanks for reading this and we look forward to worshipping together this Sunday!