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2Gs Lunchbytes - 14 Apr (Sat), 11am to 2pm

Yap Kim Meng shares with us an evangelistic event that The Navigators is partnering with GBC. Mark your calendars and pray that this event will stir up in us a desire to share the gospel naturally in our lives with all those around us. 

Last year, at the passing of Dr P, I was deeply affected that he spent 61 years in Singapore because it was a stopover for him to get a visa for him to get on to Indonesia. He stayed to preach the gospel and to teach the Word. I felt led to respond to continue to share the gospel at GBC. 

Of course we are now blessed with a brand new church, $17.8M built over 22 months and with a new MRT station, Mattar, just meters away. 

Also from my interaction with working adults over the years, two things are hard to happen – Giving Thanks and Forgiveness. We can try in our own strength but it is limited and impossible on our own. We can only do it if the gospel comes into our lives. Many are trapped with ungratefulness and thanksgiving is only on the surface. Worse still is forgiveness. We may not raise it up again but we will not forget. Again it is a supernatural act, only by the grace of God, through the gospel.  

Marrying all this together, I and my friend Mok are going to share our stories – he on how his mother came to Christ, an impossibility that he cannot imagine would ever happen and other factors like marriage and having children. I on the other hand had difficulty forgiving my grandmother who sold off my eldest brother and my father for 'messing' up life.  

Together with another friend, Jit Meng who will moderate our stories and bring in the gospel that change our lives, we wish to present this on Apr 14th (Sat) from 11am-2pm.  

It has been a while since we have tried sharing the gospel at GBC. Now led by the Lord, it is slowly coming together to partner The Navigators with GBC to make this possibility into a reality. As we prayed, we felt led to believe that we can have an audience of 400 show up for this event. It is bilingual and involves both the English and Chinese congregations of GBC. Others from various churches will also come and so will the Navigators.  

Buffet lunch at $10 each will be sandwiched between the first hour where 'GIVE Thanks' by Mok and 'ForGIVE' by Kim Meng will be shared and translated by Dr Paul Wu into Mandarin. After lunch, the last hour will be a Question & Answer session with the gospel shared at the end of that time.  

Building up the publicity with brochures advertising this event, we will also bring in a new book 'A Light to the World' promoting evangelism written for this event. We are praying that this will bring about a return back to GBC a desire to share the gospel naturally in our lives with all those around us.


To register for the event, pls email or