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Together in the Truth (Part 1)

Together in the Truth-part 1 header

Pastor Eugene explains what is a statement of faith and its place in our life together as a church. ...

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Prayer Walk Around MacPherson

macpherson header

One cool Thursday evening in February, a group from GBC and Redemption Hill Church (RHC) went around our neighbourhood for a prayer walk. It was the first walk that was organised for 2023....

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When We Fear We're Not Good Enough


Bibianna asks if we are covering ourselves with fig leaves and points us to Christ, whose robes of righteousness we can rest secure in. ...

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Obeying and Following God in Missions

Obeying and Following God in Missions header Prov 3 v 5-6

Obedience to God happens in both the big and small decisions in life and certainly, Christians are called to obey Him every day. For some of us, the call to obey God can take the form of obeying Him to go into full-time missions. So, what prompted our missionary, Esther, to consider becoming a missionary? She shares more about this journey here. ...

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Into God's Presence With Joy


Pastor Oliver meditates on the grace that has been granted to us to be in the presence of a holy God. We may not always feel this way, but the reality of this truth grounds us and changes the way we live....

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Family Dedication (Jan 2023)

29jan-family dedication header

We had our first family dedication of 2023 on 29 January with three families. ...

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Our Church Library Has Reopened!

books 2023 header

Yanadi shares about the library ministry that has resumed after three years! He shares about the goals of this ministry, the books available and also how the church can participate and help. ...

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God’s Plan, God’s Way

God's Plan, God's Way header

Pastor Eugene preached this sermon on Exodus 2:11-25 on 29 January 2023, where we were reminded that God is never late. He works in his time, not ours. The faithful God will keep his promise to redeem His people in His time. ...

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Gospel Partnerships in 2022

jigsaw puzzle header

At the start of 2022, our pastors and elders shared 8 aspirations for our church, and strengthening our gospel partnerships with other churches is one of the aspirations. In 2022, we thank God for the many opportunities to partner other churches in this way....

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The Sin of Hypocrisy


Eric Lui reflects on one of the sermons by Andrew Gray presented in "Be Reconciled with God", a collection of twelve sermons preached by the Scottish preacher. ...

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