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Announcements for 15 September 2019

CONNECT WITH US  Hello! Welcome to Grace Baptist Church!  Do drop by the visitors' table ...

Prepare for Worship (15 Sep 2019)

How has God been gracious to you and turned your life around for His glory? Take time to thank and praise Him.

Growing. Pains.

Pastor Ian suggests five ways we can embrace the growth and its associated pain that God is blessing GBC with.

Pua Mission Trip Aug-Sep 2019

We thank God for the privilege to participate in His work in the lives of the Hmong people in Northern Thailand. Find out more from the trip report of the team that headed to Kathy's Home in Pua from 30 Aug to 2 Sep to conduct the quarterly English camp.

Vacation Bible School 2019

Registration for Vacation Bible School is now open!

Prepare for Worship (8 Sep 2019)

How have I failed this week to notice God’s glory in His world?

Announcements for 8 September 2019

CONNECT WITH US Hello! Welcome to Grace Baptist Church!  Do drop by the visitors' table before...

The Ancient of Days

Last Sunday, we sang the song 'Ancient of Days'. Pastor Oliver clarifies what the title 'Ancient of Days' mean.

Thick-Skinned and Relentless for the Gospel

How do we share the gospel when time is short and there is a pressing sense of urgency? Cecilia Kang pens an honest and heartfelt account of a too-short friendship

Learning to Carry Another Christian’s Cross

Do we love one another enough to want to be involved in what looks like a messy person’s life? Neo Yi Ling reflects on 'The Compelling Community' seminar held from 23-24 Aug 2019.