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Prepare for Worship (29 Sep 2019)

If you have received mercy from Jesus Christ, then how are you now living for Him?

Announcements for 29 September 2019

CONNECT WITH US Hello! Welcome to Grace Baptist Church!  Do drop by the visitors' table before...

Grace Together in Prayer (27 September 2019)

TOGETHER FOR MAKING DISCIPLES CHILDREN'S MINISTRY God has blessed us with a growing brood both i...

The History That Walks Among Us

Pastor Ian reflects on his recent conversation with one of the founding members of GBC.

Ordination of Pastor Eugene Low

On 21 Sep 2019, we had the great privilege to celebrate the ordination of Pastor Eugene Low. We thank and praise God for His wonderful work in Ps Eugene and his family.

Announcements for 22 September 2019

CONNECT WITH US  Hello! Welcome to Grace Baptist Church!  Do drop by the visitors' table ...

Prepare for Worship (22 Sep 2019)

What small steps can I take to align myself more closely with God’s purposes?

Who Do You Think You Are?

Our YA ministry has been holding regular evangelism events that focus on topics that many young adults identify and struggle with. Some past topics included relationships and the life we lead online. This September, they will be holding another event titled “Who do you think you are?” on 28 Sept and they’ve shared with us their motivations and purposes for this upcoming session.

The Burden of Expectations

Are you weary that you are not seeing any fruit from your ministry or Christian life? Read this encouraging article by Pastor Eugene on why it need not be so.

The Experience that Counts

What are the distinguishing marks of the people who enjoy God’s favour? Eric Lui delves into the book, 'The Experience that Counts!' to answer the question.