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PFOA: Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors

Tony Chan continues his series in the family prayer that our Lord taught us to say. He deals here with the phrase "forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors".

Missionary letter from Tzi Ping, Heidi, Benaja and Esra

One of our dear missionary families, the Leongs, have written to the church family to share their experiences and to encourage us. Let us remember them in prayer, interceding for their work and for their needs before our Heavenly Father.

10 quotes about heaven

In this post, we surveyed 10 quotes by well known Bible teachers and theologians on the topic of heaven. Have a read and see what our certain hope looks like.

When the Target is You

Through Nehemiah, we continue to see how opposition to the work of God will exist and abound, but the sovereign God prevails. God will accomplish what He sets out to, through the people He calls.

Last Week's Worship 9 Feb 2014

This Sunday, the worship team led us to sing songs that teach us biblical truth in memorable ways for the exaltation of Jesus Christ.

Personal Revival Testimonies

Samuel, Chuan Xin, Nehemiah and Poh Leng share with us personal stories of how their lives have been touched and revived by the Lord.

Compassion Hymn

In this blogpost, the Worship Ministry presents the 'Compassion Hymn' by Stuart Townend, Keith and Kristyn Getty for our edification and encouragement.

Announcement 9 Feb 2014


PFOA: Give us this day our daily bread

How are we to ask for what we need? In a nation of plenty, we can have difficulty distinguishing our needs from wants. Tony Chan helps us think through asking for our needs in the light of giving God glory.

Last Week's Worship (2 Feb 2014)

On Sunday, Kiyoko and John Cheah led us in a time of rousing singing in our combined service. Together,we proclaimed the death of Jesus Christ as gathered around the table for our monthly remembrance in the Lord's Supper